Lefkada travel Guide will show how special Lekada is and why to choose it among other islands. All the information shared in this article are gathered by a network of local people. 

Things to Do

Lefkada Travel Guide

There are plenty of things to do while in Lefkada. Firstly, there is a variety of sports that you can try. Due to its strong winds you can try wind surfing, kitesurfing, wake board, paragliding and much more. Secondly, it has beautiful trails for those nature lovers who love to hike, do mountain bike or horse riding. Thirdly, you can go on beautiful sea cruises and excursions where you will explore beautiful spots like the Cave of Papanikolis, the small islands across cosmopolitan Nidri, hidden private beaches, even go for fishing of for scuba diving. Finally, there are many more things to explore, so keep on reading…

Paradise Beaches

If you are one of those types who want to lay back in their vacation and just enjoy the sun, then Lefkada is your island. With a coastline of 117 km, there are more than 24 known beaches to explore and choose which one you like the most. Every day a different beach.

Lefkada Travel Guide
Agiofili beach on the Ionian sea, Lefkada island, Greece

Just relax under the greek sun, feel its warmth in your body, taste the salt in your lips and dive in its pristine crystal clear waters!

Culture & Museums

Lefkada Travel Guide

Lefkada is famous for its history and its many poets, often called the “island of the poets”.

There are plenty of exhibitions and museums for you to discover. One of them, is the museum of the poet Aggelos Sikelianos that is made inside the house he lived. 

Into the cultural center of Lefkada you will find 3 small but noteworthy exhibitions, the first is the archeological exhibition and the second is the exhibition for the life of Lefkadios Hern that travelled the world and at some point, stayed in Japan and became the national poet of Japan. The third exhibition is dedicated to the Folklor Dance Festival that takes place every August in Lefkada.

Ecclesiastical Museum Of the Monastery of Agia Faneromeni
Ecclesiastical Museum Of the Monastery of Agia Faneromeni

Other museums that are worth visiting are those that refer to tradition and every day life of Lefkada island. The most complete exhibition is in “Orfeus” museum in the city center of Lefkada island, where you can see the everyday habits of Lefkadian people, their costumes, how their houses looked like, etc.


Lefkada town has one of the newest and modern Marinas in Greece and is a unique destination for those who love sailing. Ionian Sea is an ideal destination for beginners or experienced sailors due to its favorable winds and its pristine turquoise waters. There are also 2 brand new Marinas, one in Nidri and one in Vasiliki.

So, do not hesitate, rent a sailing boat, set your sails and explore the wonderful islands nearby Lefkada!

Lefkada city center & nearby sightseeings

Lefkada Travel Guide


Explore the beautiful city center of Lefkada town with its unique architecture and its  colourful houses. Pay a visit to the impressive Medieval Castle of Santa Maura. Rent bicycles and make the tour of the lagoon, the largest in the Western Greece, that is protected by Ramsar treety. The area is of unique beauty and many migratory birds come to protect themselves of the cold winter.

TIP: If you visit Lefkada in low season, please go to the lagoon and see the wonderful pink flamingos that visit us every autumn.

Traditional Villages

Lefkada Travel Guide

Discover the traditional villages that are up in the mountains,  with houses made by wood and stone like  picturesque Karya but also, the ones built close to the sea with the most picturesque being Sivota and Agios Nikitas.

Do not forget to visit cosmopolitan Nidri that is one of the biggest resorts of Lefkada with facilities and rentals, from studios to Villas.

Food & Traditional Products

Lefkada Travel Guide

Greece is famous for its good cuisine and Lefkada is an island where you can find quality food in reasonable prices. You can find from fine dining restaurants to fish taverns and from taverns with good quality meat to taverns specialized in traditional food. There is a place to satisfy every palate and taste!

Lefkada Travel Guide


While in Lefkada, try its unique and famous products, like lentins of Egklouvi, olive oil, Lefkadian honey, Lefkadian salami dried in air, liquor rozoli, the Lefkadian sweets and local wine.

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