Eglouvi of Lefkada… with its unique lentils

Lentils from Eglouvi -Lefkada

Every place is identified with an event, a product, a story.
For dozens of years, the village of Eglouvi Lefkada is identified with the cultivation of lentils.


The mountainous village of Eglouvi is full of contrasts of color and scented mountain. Built at an altitude of 730 meters, on a small hill in the center of Lefkada, it is the most mountainous island location.
Stone houses with arched gates, jewels of folk art.Which provoke memories and beautiful moments and make us yearn for the romantic times combining yesterday and today,today and tomorrow!Furthermore cobbled streets,the square with plane and mulberry trees, the women with the traditional costume of Lefkada. Finally the smiling, proud and yet hospitable people of Eglouvi.
The village with its traditional character and its wild fascination with rocks and many ravines invites its visitors to explore it.

The lentils…

The Eglouvi lentils belong to an extremely rare and special variety of lentil, grown and produced in the mountain village of Englouvi, the plateau of Agios Donatos, famous for its ancient paths.
The Eglouvi lentil has participated in many exhibitions abroad and in Greece. It has also received a prize for its quality and flavor.

Eglouvi is known for growing lentils, because the climate and its territory are appropriate for such cultivation, which is also one of the main occupations of the inhabitants.
The cultivation of lentils was always known in this place and until today the harvesting and the processing is done in a traditional way. It is important to mention that these crops are favored by the high in potassium soil.



It is worth visiting the stone settlement called Volti, about 3 km from Eglouvi, composed of small domed huts furnace shaped.Where people used them temporarily during the cultivation of lentils.
These small domed huts are only in this place. Inside each one there was a small household to serve the farmers who lived there all summer long. Countless volti (small domed stone shelters furnace shaped) are the proof that the area of Agios Donatos was, back in the distant past, a crowded summer village, full of life.

The walls are thick, about 60 cm, starting cyclically from the ground surface.
According to testimonies of old people of Eglouvi,these kinds of huts must have been there since the first years of Venetian rule. Their construction required great mastery.

Today,you can find more than 150 volti in the area.
The settlement of Volti is a monument of an unequaled culture that can not leave unmoved the visitor.

St. Donatos 

Lentils from Eglouvi -Lefkada
St. Donatos

The church of St. Donatos is located just above the village at an altitude of 900 meters. The celebration takes place on August 7.
The previous day, a festival takes place in the area and the housewives of Eglouvi cook.

They cook in the traditional way, the lentils in large pots and treat their guests with olives,salted sardines and wine.
Opposite the church,there are a number of wells with clear cold water and windmills in the surrounding area.


For your stay in Lefkada,near Eglouvi,you can book in Karia.The village with the cool climate and the traditional atmosphere.

Lentils from Eglouvi -Lefkada
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