Summer holidays is totally here while covid-19 nearly belongs to the past.

Summer Holidays vs covid-19
Time to relax

So all we have to do is to stay safe and enjoy it!

New days are in…

The previous months was a really difficult period for the humanity, but now the pandemy is under control.

Summer Holidays vs covid-19

Therefore, all we have to think about is summer holidays and stay safe during this lovely period.

Do you have in mind your summer destination?

Greece is maybe one of the few countries which fought covid-19 pandemy effectivly. That means that our country is maybe the safest dastination all over the world for this summer.

Summer Holidays vs covid-19

Ionian islands and especcialy Lefkada is easily approched by car. As a resalt, many people decide to visit Lefkada this summer.

It is really important to mention that in Lefkada we have until now 0% covid-19 cases.

Of course, we have to protect tourist’s health as best as we can. So the Greek goverment has already voted a series of terms in order to succeed it.

The villa’s owners, the hoteliers and generally all the greek tourism proffecionals has already atended a three-days seminar on healthy protocol.

Of course, villas are much more preferable this year, because it provides you privacy and consequently safety.

Summer Holidays vs covid-19
private villa with amazing view

Health terms…

Every owner has to post to the reception area of the accomodation the “Health Fist” issue.

It is really important for safety, to keep at least 1 hour time distance bettween check-ins and check-outs.

The owners have to clean much more often with specific cleaners.

Hand disinfectants and protection materilas (masks, gloves etc) have to be used from the staff in any case.

Villas and swimming pools can host only families.

The same term is for yachts and boats.

But what about if covid-19 case appear? The owner has αn action plan in order to protect you and your family.

Every hotelier is responsible to get the sick person to a saparate place and communicate immedietly with the doctor in order to cure the condition.

Summer Holidays vs covid-19
Health First

Safety is certain!

Relax on a real paradise!

Lefkada is full of wonderfull beaches!

Cape Lefkada
Porto Katsiki

Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, Egremnoi and Gyalos are some of the most popular beaches in the world, which every tourist has to relax on!

Come and luxuriate in Lefkada’s paradise!

Summer Holidays vs covid-19