The unspoiled Lefkada,is one of the few islands which,no matter how long you spend exploring it or how many days you stay there, the time will never be enough to see all its beauty! Take a look at some of the reasons why Lefkada is considered as the Caribbean of Greece!! Why Lefkada ? 1.Because of its incredible beaches!  Whether you prefer...

Old coffee shops

Coffee shops starts... In all provincial Greece the traditions remained alive and resist in time. Different local music, gastronomy or culture, every place has its own tradition. Old women embroider beautiful clothes and a lot of things. In past years when people had the necessity to communicate, they started a new time of growth, by opening coffee shops. At the...
When in Greece, a lot ask : “How much do I tip the waiter?”. This is always a favourite topic of conversation and debate among friends, especially in a multicultural company. Each has a different perspective on tipping etiquette. Someone might believe a 15% is the right amount to tip while someone else’s opinion is not to leave anything and so...


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