10 things you cannot miss while being in Lefkada

It is not on us to tell you what to do while you are visiting Lefkada, but there are some things you must do while staying in this paradise island.

What caracterizes an island in Greece? The beaches, the picturesque villages, the scenic roads by the sea, the traditional delicacies, the graphic squares of the villages with a big plane tree in the middle, the traditional greek ‘tavernas’, sunsets that color the sky and leave you with an awe and many more.

What if in all this, you add something extra.. then the island that you visit, is Lefkada!

Here is a guide of things you cannot miss and will make your Lefkadian experience, a special one.


1. Visit Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is one of the best well-known beaches of the world and one of the things you must see when in Lefkada! Many call it the Hawaian Greek beach and it often features in advertisements about Greece, locally and worldwide!

This beautiful beach has been awarded as the best beach in Greece and as the 6th best beach in the world by tripadvisor.com. It is located southwest of the island and is accesible both by boat and by car. If you decide to go by car you must have in mind that you have to descend 100 steps, but surely it is worth it.

The white rock on the background, the golden sand and the crystal clear turquoise waters compose the overwhelming image of this magnificent beach. So, bring all your photographic and videographic equipment to capture this dreaming landscape.

Porto Katsiki maybe one of the top, but do not forget Lefkada is a big sandy beach which calls for you to enjoy summer in its purest form!

2.Learn how to wind or kitesurf


Lefkada is well known as the paradise for wind and kitesurfers. Its thermal winds make it the ideal island for you to learn and enjoy these classical sea sports.

Vasiliki Bay is an ideal spot for wind-surfing and every year attract more and more fans of the sport.

10 things you cannot miss while being in Lefkada
Kitesurfing in Lefkada

In the mornings there is a sea breze which makes serfing safe for beginners. In the afternoon the wind, often rises to strenghts which will challenge the more experienced. Those who do not have their own windsurfing equipment can hire it at the beach. There are also many trainers you can find, that will be willing to help you learn.


Ai Giannis-Miloi (Windmills) beach, close to Lefkada town, is mostly appreciated by professional windsurfers and kitesurfers. Kitesurfing is kind of a new trend and it is gaining ground every year. It has become more popular over the years due to the tricks you can perform , if you pass the basic level of training.

Kite or Wind surfing, the choice is yours!


3. The Waterfall of Nidri
Watefalls nidri
Watefalls nidri

Lefkada is famous for its abundance of water which is one of the principal reasons why most of the island is lush with greenery. Visit the wonderful Dimossari waterfall in Nidri and dare to swim in its cold waters. The scenery path you have to take on foot to get to the waterfall will amaze you and cool you down in a hot summer day!



4. Cruise in famous Scorpios and Ionian Islands

Take a cruise in the mesmerising Satellite Islands, get to know famous Scorpios, ”the island of Onasis”, Meganisi and explore the beauties of the Ionian sea.

Sailing around Lefkada
Sailing around Lefkada

There are many ways to explore the Ionian Islands. Some prefer sailing, skippered or not, along with friends or family. This way you can be more free to moor your yacht wherever you want. Others prefer taking a daily cruise. There are medium size cruise boats that offer two types of cruises. The small one stops in the most famous parts of the island. The big one has bonus stops also in Ithaka and Kefalonia.

For those who want something even more luxurious , there are some cruise boats that offer more than one trips in the Ionian Sea, meals with light drinks, stops in remote beaches and many more.

Sail around Lefkada, explore the nearby islands and make your trip unforgettable!


5. Taste traditional delicacies
Ladopita: Traditional sweet of Lefkada
Ladopita: Traditional sweet of Lefkada

Lefkada has many traditional products for you to try.

Due to its peculiar ground and lush vegetation, you can find many types of traditional Greek honey .

Lefkada has large areas of olive trees. Many produce their own olive oil, so it will be easy to find and taste it. You can even go to the Olive oil museum to learn more about olive oil and its production.

One of the things you must taste is the PDO (Product Denomination of Origin) products of Lefkada, the lentils of Eglouvi and Lefkadian Salami.

Taste also the traditional sweets (pastelia, mantolata, mantoles, etc.), traditional ladopita,  Rozoli liquor, Lefkadian honey and many more.

Lefkada also makes exceptional ice cream due to its’ proximity to Italy!

So, dive into the Lefkadian tastes and be amazed.


6. Karya: The head village of Lefkada

A village situated in the heart of Lefkada. Karya maybe away from the beaches but it is a must visit.It is one of the most picturesque villages of Lefkada, along with Agios Nikitas and Sivota.

Traditional Embroideries
Traditional Embroideries

It is well- known for its traditional embroderies and lace making. Close to the village square you can find The Folkloric Museum of Lefkadite Canvas Works “Maria Koutsohero. The museum consists of two sections. On the ground floor of the museum, you will see a great collection of handmade embroidery. The lower area of the museum hosts old objects and furniture that “narrate” in their own way the folk culture of mountainous Lefkadian people.

Karya central square
Karya central square

It has the character of the villages in the mountainous Lefkada. Traditional stone-made houses with characteristic elaborate balconies. Wooden paved narrow alleys. A big central square with big plane trees, where you can sit, eat traditional food(try mezedes such as kokoretsi and kontosouvli) or enjoy your coffee.So stay there or pay a visit and cool yourself down on a hot summer day.


7. Eat at Rachi Tavern above the clouds

When you take a traditional tavern with a tradition of more than 20 years and you renovate the style and menu, the outcome is stunning.


Eat above the clouds at Rachi tavern!
Eat above the clouds at Rachi tavern!

Rachi tavern is located in the village of Exanthia in 600m altitude and its exceptional location offers a mesmerising view to the Ionian Sea. It is not an excess to say that when you are in Rachi you feel like being in heaven.

Sometimes beauty lies in small details. Dishes that are simple, traditional and tasteful. A simple decoration with a touch of natural elements. Interesting music. Smiling personnel that is there to satisfy your every request. Last but not least, the amazing location that this open space tavern is built! These details create an environment that stays indelible in mind.

When you finish your dinner, drink your drink or cocktail to the new bar FLY ME and enjoy your drinks above the clouds.


8. Paraglide above Lefkada
Paragliding above Kathisma beach!
Paragliding above Kathisma beach!

This vacation try something different. Paraglide above Kathisma Beach or anywhere else in Lefkada. Lefkadas’ thermal winds will make it an easy ride, that will fill you with excitement.

You will find many experienced pilots that will make this, a safe trip. Feel the ultimate freedom while flying above the amazing ever green landascapes of Lefkada island and its breathtaking sandy beaches with Ionians’ crystal clear turquoise waters.
This vacation get out of the ordinary and have an adventure that will make you see Lefkada with different eyes, as only a few can.


9.Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

One of the things you certainly must see is the monastery of ”Panagia Faneromeni”.

10 things you cannot miss while being in Lefkada
Ai Giannis Beach from above!

Panagia Faneromeni is the most important religious centre on the island of Lefkada. Located on a hill above the Town,in the region of Frini, it gives a breathtaking panoramic view to the main entrance of Lefkada and its amazing coastline.

The monastery was originally built in 1634 on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting. On this site, the students of Apostle Paul had preached Christianity some centuries ago. In the Venetian times, the monastery was renovated but unfortunately it was destroyed by two large fires. In the late 19th century, the monastery was reconstructed and functions up to the present time.

Ecclesiastical Museum Of the Monastery of Agia Faneromeni
Ecclesiastical Museum Of the Monastery of Agia Faneromeni

Today, it hosts an interesting Ecclesiastical Museum with rare Byzantine icons, old manuscripts and gospels and a navy museum. The monks also maintain a small park that host various species of animals.



10.Cape Lefkatas
Cape Lefkatas : one of the things you must visit in Lefkada!
Cape Lefkatas

Visit Cape Lefkatas and explore its wild beauty. Many myths surround this wild place. Some say that it took its name from Lefkos, a companion of Odysseus, others say from Lefkatas, a young man who according to mythology, in his effort to escape from the rage of God Appolo, jump off the cliff. Go there and witness its wild beauty. Watch magical sunsets. Let the wind whisper in your ear, the myth of Sappho, who committed suicide for the love of Faon.