Meganissi is an hidden gem where you can find pristine small coves, caves and beaches, and a few picturesque little villages. It is a perfect destinination if you are in Lefkada and you want to discover the beauties of the area.

Meganisi can be easily reached from Lefkada Island with the ferry. There are daily ferries from Lefkada, Nidri, to Meganisi. Moreover the ferry gives you the opportunity to spend a day in a stunning place bringing your car with you!

So let’s discover a bit this magical place and then let’s have a look into the ferries service from Lefkada to Meganisi!

The Island of Meganisi

Meganisi in greek means Big Island ( Mega : big, Nisi : Island). This comes from the fact that Meganisi is the biggest island among the ones of the Prince’s Arcipelago (Pringiponisia). This is a small arcipelago of 24 islands of various size situated in the strecth of sea on the east coast of Lefkada, opposite Nidri (6Km). Among these islands there is also the famous Skorpios, the private island which belonged for many years to Aristotelis Onassis and his family. Nowdays Skorpios is property of the Ribolovlev family.

Meganisi Island in Lefkada
Meganisi island in Lefkada
Villages of Meganisi

In Meganisi there are 3 villages: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori.

Vathi is on the northeast coast of the island. It hosts a picturesque harbour with deep blue waters, fishing and sailing boats. There are a number of tavernas and restaurants offering delicious local food.

Ferries from Lefkada (Nidri) to Meganisi
Meganisi fishing boats

Kathomeri is the capital town of the island. It is only one kilometer from Vathi. It is a typical Greek village with traditional architecture and friendly locals. In the village there are only a few traditional tavernas, a bakery and a petrol station.

Spartochori is located on the northern side of Meganisi, on top of a hill. It offers a stunning panoramic view.

Path from Spilia to Spartochori
Road from Spilia to Spartochori

Colorfoul, with stone built houses and traditional tavernas, Spartochori remained untouched by the developments of the century. It overlooks the bay of Spilia. Here there is an harbour and a lovely beach. To reach Spartochori from Spilia there is a nice path (15 minutes walk) among pine trees.

Meganisi Beaches

The island of Meganisi feauters many small beautiful pebbly beaches, where you can relax by stunningly clear crystal waters.  You can reach some beaches of Meganisi only by foot or from the sea. In contrast, on others Meganisi’s beaches you can go also by car and/or motorbike. 

Certainly, whatever beach you choose,  you can be sure you will feel like you are in paradise!

amazing beach at Meganisi island

Among the beaches where you can go with the car or motorbike  there are : Agios Ioannis, Spilia, Megalo and Mikro Limonari, Fanari Beach.

The most famous and remote beaches, reachable only by the sea or after a walk are : Herniades, Barbarezou and Pasoumaki.

Please note that except for the beach of Spilia, the beaches in Meganisi are not organised. So bring your sunombrella with you and enjoy!

Ferries to and from Meganisi :  information and timetable

The ferry boat  from Lefkada Island to Meganissi leaves from Nidri harbour. It is economical and, above all, gives you the possibility to bring your car or your moto with you. 

Ferries to and From Meganisi Timetable
  • From 1 July to 8 September 2019
Ferry Lefkada Meganisi July August 2019
Ferry Lefkada Meganisi July August 2019
  • From 9 to 30 September 2019
Lefkada Meganisi Ferry
Ferry Lefkada Meganisi 9-30 September 2019
  • From October 2019 
Ferry Lefkada Meganisi from October 2019
Ferry Lefkada Meganisi from October 2019
  • The journey lasts about 30 minutes both ways.
Ferries to Meganisi Prices ( one way)
  • Passenger = 1,90 Euros Children=0.90 Euros
  • Car = 12,90 Euros
  • Moto < 250 cc = 2,60 Euros
  • Moto > 250 cc = 3,90 Euros
  • Camper/Trailer/Bus = 3,20 per meter
  • Trucks = 3,90 per meter

Tickets for the ferries can be bought on board or at the Tourist Agency Borsalino, located in the high street of Nidri, behind the harbour. Please find below contact details for Borsalino.

Please also note that in high season it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Borsalino Tourist Agency

Nidri Center – 31084 Lefkada island

Tel: + (30) 26450 92528

Fax : + (30) 26450 92716