Ferries from Lefkada to Ithaka and Kefalonia

The island of Lefkada is a fantastic destination for curious travelers. Not only the island has all one needs to spend a relaxing and interesting holiday. The islands also  offers accomodation possibilities for all tastes. Finally, it feautures beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, traditional villages and pristine nature spot where you can relax and enjoy beautiful views.

Lefkada is also located in a very strategic position for those who wish to go and discover other areas of Greece and of the Ionian sea, including the island of Ithaka and Kefalonia.

In fact there are 2 ways to reach these two islands from Lefkada. On one side,  from Lefkada Town there is the Azimouth, connecting all Ionian Islands with a fast transport service. On the other hand,  from the harbor of Nidri, there are daily ferries that connect Lefkada to the islands of Ithaka and Kefalonia. 

In this article, you can find some useful information about these two charming Ionian Islands. Moreover, you can find timetable and prices of Ferries from Lefkada to Ithaka and Kefalonia. Finally, you can see where you can purchase the ferry tickets for these two destinations! 


The tiny green island of Ithaca is surrounded by crystal water. It features wonderful coves and beaches. Ithaka is also famous in greek mythology for being the home of Odysseus (Ulysses), the legendary hero of Homer.

The island of Ithaca is both a place for total relaxation and an area where to do sightseeings. and outdoor activities. Certainly, it is ideal for sea lovers, as there are many stunning beaches of different sizes all around the coasts. Among the most famous beaches of Ithaka there are : Gidaki, Agios Ioannis, Sarakiniko. But please bear in mind that there are many others worth visiting!! 

Villages of Ithaka

The capital of Ithaka is called Vathi, a picturesque village built amphitheatrically around a natural bay. Here, among others, you can visit the Archeological Museum and the church of Agios Georgios. Moreover, you can see the house where Odysseas Androutsos, the Greek hero of the War of Independence, was born.


The traditional settlement of Kioni is also very interesting. Here you can relax in one of the many cafeteria or tavernas. The same can be said about Friskes, a fishing village at 19km from Vathi. In Friskes there is the harbour from where ferries to Lefkada arrive and depart. Frikes features also nice tavernas and shops, all lining on its waterfront. It is ideal for an evening out with your friends and family.

Among the other small settlements of the island there are also Stavros, Anogi, Lefki, Exogi and the old capital of Ithaka Paleohora, now an abandoned village.

Ferries from Lefkada, Nidri, to Ithaka

The ferries that from Nidri, Lefkada Island, are departing for Ithaka take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach this island. You can also embark your car or motorbike on the ferry. Below you can see the timetable of the ferries and the prices of the tickets: 

Ferries to Ithaka Timetable

From Lefkada to Ithaka

Ferries from Lefkada to Ithaka and Kefalonia

From Ithaka to Lefkada

Ferries from Lefkada to Ithaka and Kefalonia

Prices for one way

  • Passenger                     8,50 Euros
  • Children (5 to 10 years) 4,30 Euros
  • Car < 4,25 meters         35.00 Euros
  • Cat > 4,25 meters         40,00 Euros
  • Moto < 250 cc                7,40 Euros
  • Moto  > 250 cc              10,40 Euros
  • Treiles camper               11.30 Euros for meter
  • Truck                            10,80 Euros for meter 

Tickets for the ferries can be bought on board or at the Tourist Agency Borsalino, located in the high street of Nidri, behind the harbour. Please find below contact details for Borsalino.

Please also note that in high season it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Borsalino Tourist Agency

Nidri Center – 31084 Lefkada island

Tel: + (30) 26450 92528

Fax : + (30) 26450 92716


Kefalonia is the largest island among the Ionian Islands. It features beautiful beaches, dramatic landscapes and mysterious caves. It also has some picturesque and enchanting villages. Perfect to stroll around during the evening. The bigger ones are Argostoli and Fiscardo.

Villages and beaches of Kefalonia

The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli, an elegant little town with 14.000 inhabitants. Argostoli is also the main port of Kefalonia. Here you can visit the Korgialenios History and the Folklore Museum, the Argostoli Public Library and the De Bosset Bridge.

Fiscardo is an old fishing village which now, thanks to tourism, has turned into a cosmopolitan little center. In Fiscardo there are still venetians building and colorful houses. You will also find shops, taverns, and bars for the nightlife. 

The island of Kefalonia is filled with beaches. They are of all types : sandy or pebbly and they are all worth visiting. Among the most famous there are Myrto, Antisamos, Makris Gialos, Skala and Amnes.

Myrthos Beach Kefalonia
Myrthos beach Kefalonia

There are also beautiful caves in Kefalonia. The most famous are the Melissari and Drogarati Cave.

Ferries from Lefkada to Kefalonia

Also the ferries that link Lefkada to Kefalonia departs from Nidri. It gives you the possibility to bring your car or motorbike with you. The ferry boat journey lasts about 2 hours and brings you to Fiskardo. You can buy your tickets on board of the ferry or at the Travel Agency Dioni Travel located in Nidri.

Please find below timetable and prices of the ferries which connect Lefkada to Kefalonia.

Ferries from Lefkada (Nidri) to Kefalonia (Fiscardo)

1.07.2019 till 9.09.2019

Ferries Lefkada Ithaka July-August
Ferries Lefkada Ithaka



10.09.2019 till 30.09.2019

Ferries Lefkada Ithaka September
Ferries Lefkada Ithaka

1.10 till 13.10. 2019

Ferries Lefkada Ithaka October
Ferries Lefkada Ithaka
Ferries from Kefalonia to Lefkada 

1.07.2019 till 9.09.2019

Ferries Ithaka Lefkada July August
Ferries Ithaka Lefkada

10.09.2019 till 30.09.2019

Ferries Lefkada Ithaka September
Ferries Lefkada Ithaka

1.10.2019 till 13.10. 2019

Ferries  Ithaka Lefkada October
Ferries Ithaka Lefkada Ithaka


Prices Ferries Lefkada Ithaka
Prices Ferry Lefkada Ithaka ( picture taken from www.westferry.gr)

Please note that in high season it is advisable to book in advance your tickets. The address and contact numbers of Dioni Travel is :

Nidri Centre (High Street parallel to harbor street).

Tel : +30 2645093182, +30 2645093278

Fax: +30 2645093276

email : westferrybooking@gmail.com