Greek cuisine !

Lefkada & Food tourism !! A journey for every taste !!!

The Greek cuisine part of which is Lefkadian cuisine ; is based on pure products,fresh vegetables,virgin olive oil,honey,juicy fruits,fresh fish and exellent wines and grapes that ripen under the wonderful Greek sun.Greeks love good food and consider is a part of well being and long life.

From wineries to cheese and olive workshops and farms ;Greece particularly Lefkada island is becoming a true foodie paradise with guided tours.

There are so many amazing places to visit in Lekada  which offers to the public an amazing tasting tour.Well if you love Greek food (and if you don’t,you ‘re doing it wrong),here’s a suggestion ; visit Lefkada now and taste all those treasures that nature give us.

Food Tourism in Lefkada!!

Lefkada & Food tourism !! A journey for every taste !!!

Food is an important component in Tourism Food as a significant attraction while people travel . Traditional food and cuisine could be excellent attraction in rural travel destination and also claimed that eating local cuisine might be an integral part of the travel experience ;that because food serves both entertainment and a cultural activity.

In recent years the islands economy has been mainly based on tourism ; all types of tourism : Ecotourism,Adventure,Wine,Food and more.

Food Tourism in Greece is bigger than ever.We have also Wine Tourism (which has been leading the way);with a well-designed wineries around the country offering comprehensive and delightful tasting tours.Depending on what you’re looking for ; wine ,olives,pastries or lentils our place is perfect for you!

You can explore the island through its taste and food! Here in Lefkada we have an amazing winery that offers amazing culinary excursions to the public!

Lefkada & Food tourism !! A journey for every taste !!!


A trip to Lefkada means a fascinating exploration of tastes,flavours,unexpected combinations and endless variety. Local products and traditional cuisine are both parts of Lefkada’s heritage.

Lefkada & Food tourism !! A journey for every taste !!!


Some of these products are honey, local sweets such as pasteli and mantolato,liqueurs, oil pies,extra virgin olive oil,salami,sausages,white and red wine and much more.

Lefkada & Food tourism !! A journey for every taste !!!


Do not miss the opportunity,take advantage of the summer holidays to taste the cuisine of Lefkada.