Agios NikitasAgios Nikitas is a seaside fishing village in the West Coast and one of the most picturesque villages of Lefkada.
The Ministry of Environment has declared Agios Nikitas a traditional settlement due to its colourful picturesque caracter and natural beauty.
It is situated in a green bay with calm waters. The settlement of Agios Nikitas spreads amphitheatrically towards the sea and offers a spectacular Ionian View to those who choose to stay in one of the many studios or villas that exist in the area.

It has a main pedestrian street with many small shops,mini markets, cafes, bars and restaurants. The end of it leads to a wonderful small beach with crystal clear waters.

During peak season the beach and the village are very crouded, so parking is not an easy case. Nevertheless, a big parking area exists across the begining of the main pedestian street.

Agios Nikitas stands out for its special colourful traditional architecture that gives a happy tone to those staying or just visiting.Its easy access by a car and its close proximity to the famous beaches of Kathisma, Milos and Pefkoulia, will make you fall in love with it.

Milos Beach: a hidden paradise!

Milos Beach


Milos in greek, means Windmill. The name was given to the beach due to a windmill there is on top of the mountain before you reach this wonderful endless paradise beach.


Enjoy the tranquillity and unspoiled nature of the wonderful beach of Milos, even in peak season.

There are two ways to go to this beach. Take a motor boat that you will find at the beach of the village or walk the wondeful scenic pathway, up the mountain. This is a steep pathway but as long as you reach the windmill on top, the breathtaking view will reward you. Keep in mind that it is a beach also for nudists. Do not forget to take something to eat or drink, as it is not an organised beach.


Paradise beaches close to Agios Nikitas

Only 5 min away are located the wonderful beaches of Pefkoulia and Kathisma beach. Two very different beaches the one from the other and in opposite direction.

Kathisma Beach from above

Kathisma beach is a very famous beach awarded many times, in Greece, Europe and all over the world for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. This beach won consecutively the Blue Flag award for the years 2012 till 2017.

It is a well organised beach so you will find many beach bars, restaurants, mini markets. For that reason it is both prefered by young people who want to party but also by families and couples of all ages who want to relax. For those who want to avoid the noise of this crouded beach, an ideal spot is below Libre beach bar which is located at the end of the left side of the beach.

Many, locals or foreigners, choose also to perform their wedding ceremony at Kathisma because of the stunning sunsets and beautiful landscape.

It offers also many activities, with the most famous of them being the paragliding.

For those who love to swim, at the end of the beach, on its right side, you will find many caves to explore. (This is a suggestion only for experienced swimmers and only when the sea is calm).

Pefkoulia Beach

Pefkoulia Beach and Agios Nikitas at the end

Pefkoulia beach is another beach with fine sand and the caracteristic turquoise crystal clear waters. It has also won a Blue Flag Award. Families, couples and free campers prefer this amazing beach. There are many trees close to the beach that create something like a little forest. There you can relax in the sounds of cicada, and enjoy a meal by the shade. The trees with their natural shade offer something like a refuge, especially when the temperature raises above 37 degrees.