Travel in Low Season & enjoy a quality vacation!

Why travelling in low season is so appealing!


Why travelling in low season is the real deal? In the latest years, travelling in low season is becoming more and more appealing to lot of travellers.

Why is that? Because of the benefits that low season has to offer to its guests. From low prices to better services, better interaction with the locals and less crowded  places.

All leads to a quality vacation that will leave you to enjoy the destination you have chosen at the fullest.


Read below 8 of the reasons that will convince you about the beauty of travelling in low season.


1.Cheaper Flights & Lower Accommodation Rates

Luxury Villa Fyki
Luxury Villa Fyki in Lefkada, Greece


From accommodation to flights, even restaurants and other extra services that are provided to the destination you have chosen, prices are bound to be cheaper.

Owners and vendors are trying to fill in their businesses with people and in order to make that happen, they adjust their rates downwards.

“Sometimes you can even gain a discount up to 50% in accommodation or flights, when it comes to low season.”

Discover real deals without extra hidden fees in local travel sites!


2. Unique experiences at a low cost

Why travelling in low season is so appealing!

“Rich experiences do not need to cost a lot.” This motto easily applies in low or off season, as you can have amazing experiences with a high discount.

Go with your friends on a private cruise
Private cruise with friends

Want to rent a luxury motor boat for daily cruise? Or, book a chef to taste the local dishes or to deliver private cooking lessons? Want to enjoy a private massage therapy at you private villa or hotel?

More or less, want to feel pampered and spoiled? Then low season is for you!


3.Better Services

Ask the receptionist or concierge

Another benefit that comes with travelling in low season is that the services offered are better than those of peak season. This happens because the number of travellers is fewer. So, the available staff will be eager to service you without any complaint and give you the attention you desire!


4. No waiting lists

Fear of delays and interruptions and that you will loose a lot of precious time in waiting lists or on the road because of traffic? Then, low season is for you!

The last thing you want to do when visiting a new place for a short amount of time is to spend some of that precious time doing absolutely nothing while waiting in line or you are again stuck in traffic. Visiting a destination in the off season means you’ll spend less time in line and more time enjoying the sites you came to see.


5. Less Crowds

Aside from saving a lot of money, another great benefit of travelling in low season is that they are less tourists. Who wants to deal with hordes of tourists, stumbling one upon the other, while going to the major attractions? No one!

Why travelling in low season is so appealing!

So, benefit of low season while you are relaxing on a sandy beach or exploring the city, without the rush of tourists.


6.Better interaction with the locals.

Why travelling in low season is so appealing!
Xartes Lefkada

Many times in small places like islands or small cities, the number of tourists in peak season exceeds by far, the local population. This way you can not interact with the locals, discover a lot about their habits, find more about their culture and heritage. Whilst in low season, you can have a more authentic experience as the locals are more open to get to know you and talk to you and make you feel like a local yourself.


7. No competition for the use of facilities

There is nothing worse than going to your favourite destination, only to realise that you are not able to make the most of it and of the facilities offered. This happens, when there is an awfully large amount of people in one place. Mostly, I refer to the facilities of complexes of hotels and apartments or studios, such as wifi internet, computers that are offered for your use, spa facilities, etc.

5-star Luxury villa

Of course, if you choose to enjoy your vacation in a private villa, that is not the case. You will have the villa all to yourself and for your family and friends.


8. Paradise beaches that cannot be reached

Why travelling in low season is so appealing!

When you choose an island as your summer destination, then is definite that you will face crowds of people loading the wonderful paradise beaches you saw online, especially in peak season. Of course, afterwards, the dream becomes a nightmare, leaving you with a feeling of disappointment.

Milos Beach
Milos Beach


If you want to enjoy your paradise island in its purest form, then low season is the ideal time to visit. When it comes to top destinations, like Greece and the Greek islands, then you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest, as the weather is good from mid-April till the end of October!

Have a low season vacation in Greece

Lefkadas' turquoise crystal clear waters
Lefkadas’ turquoise crystal clear waters

Why choose the Greek Islands and Greece in general? Because is one of the top destinations around the world due to hospitality, good quality services, unique virgin landscapes and beaches, crystal clear waters, tasty food and of course, exceptional weather conditions! Now, combine all the above along with the amazing prices you can find in low season!

What more do you need?