Where to be wed in Lefkada?

Weddings in Lefkada

Let’s just say for a minute that you are in this stage in your life, where you decided to say yes and take the courageous step into marriage. How do you imagine the ideal place for your wedding? Looking for where to be wed?

Where to be wed in Lefkada?

If you are a romantic soul, looking for a calm and loving ceremony, whether you are sophisticated or boho type of person, you found your dream place. It is so difficult to distinguish one place from the other… Wonderful sandy beaches for a barefoot bride or a small wedding with a background of your infinite pool and endless sea view that your private villa has to offer.

Flowers and decorations

Where to be wed in Lefkada?

Imagine beautiful flowers and the Mediterranean odors surrounding you. Small olive trees in fabric pots creating the frame. A corridor of fresh basil, oregano, thyme, sage, lemons sketching the portrait. Roses, bougainvilleas as curtains uncovering the mystery with the help of the light breeze. Any type of flower on your bouquet, corsage or hair completing the picture.

Choose your soundtrack.

Sea waves or the melody of cicadas and get the best music to cover this wonderful event. Before the last words are pronounced and night exposes thousands of stars, the light of the day is deemed down and turning pink. Fireworks can then light up the sky like diamonds and scar the most enchanting memory in your minds.

Gyra beach Lefkada

Are you a type of person who wishes to have a unique wedding on a beautiful beach during sundown? Where to be wed? Kite surfers coloring the sky with all types of kites, the beach of Gyra next to Lefkada natural lagoon gives you the ideal weather conditions for the kite scenery but also the majestic pink and blue sky shades. The rocky windmills of Gyra are offering the best photographic spot. Hundreds of kite surfers will help you with the colorful blend and make your moment both romantic and unique.

Agia Kyriaki Nydri

Where to be wed if you wish to host your wedding on a small vintage church away from everyone? You can choose the Agia Kyriaki church opposite Nydri where a rented boat will take you and your guests.

Agios Nikitas, Kathisma beach

Where to be wed in Lefkada?
Agios Nikitas church | Lefkada, Greece travel

You wish for the turquoise water as a background setting in your pictures, where else to be wed than the small church of Agios Nikitas. Or a beach wedding in Kathisma beach.

Wedding party

Where to be wed in Lefkada?

Afterwards… What is more fun than a Greek wedding and nicer that a Greek food menu?

You can choose a big avenue to host your after wedding party. Why not a large 500 pax capacity cruiser to take you on a tour while partying. You can choose to stay on the beach and have a big beach party under the stars. With torches of fire around, dj with the music of your choice and caterers to serve food and drinks. Just perfect!

How to host my guests?

Where to be wed in Lefkada?

As for the part of where to host your guests for the days of your wedding, let Lefkada-Rentals team worry about that. With more than 540 luxury villas in our site everyone will get their wish list. Additionally, you wish for boat rentals to keep everyone entertained we are here for you. Also, we will undertake all transportation rentals you will need on these special days.

Nothing left but to set the date… we are here for all the rest!