Top panoramic views in Lefkada

Discover the most beautiful panoramic views in Lefkada that will sweep you away! This beautiful island has many viewpoints from which you can admire breathtaking views. Lefkada is full of amazing sceneries, from the iconic beaches and interesting coastline to lush mountains. Let yourself be captivated by the views from above. Check out top panoramic views and add them to your must see list in Lefkada:

Views from Faneromeni monstery

Faneromany monastary is situated on the hill in Frini, close to vibrant Lefkada town. The position is ideal for overlooking the Lefkas valey and the famous Agios Ioannis beach. The panoramic view is stretching out from the green fields to the endless blue sea. The monastery is easily accessible from Lefkada town, which is only 5 minutes drive and also close to Tsukalades village. Don’t miss to visit the most important religious monument in Lefkada, and have a chance to see the adjacent small zoo and museums.

View above Agios Ionnis beach
View above Agios Ionnis beach

Location of the viewpoint:

View above Pefkoulia beach

One of the most photographed places is the viewpoint above beautiful sandy Pefkoulia beach and the Ionian sea. It is located right after Tsukalades villages on the way to Pefkoulia beach. Next to the seaside road you can stop and enjoy the spectacular views. The stunning view of coastline, pine trees and blue color of the Ionion sea will take your breath away. Since it is located on the western side, don’t forget to stop by during the sunset and enjoy the scenery.

View above Pefkoulia
Panoramic view above Pefkoulia

Location of the viewpoint:

View above Milos beach

One of the ways to reach Milos beach is to follow the uphill path from Agios Nikitas village. Follow this path and you will be rewarded with spectacular sea views of this secluded beach. From above you will be able to see the entire coast line of this amazing beach. Milos is a virgin beach without facilities and a true gem of Lefkada island. The walk through a scenic path might be challenging but it is definitely worth a try.

Milos beach
Panoramic view above Milos beach

Location of the viewpoint:

View above Nidri and Princess islands

On the eastern side, close to Nidri port, there are many small islands scattered around. The best location to see Nidri and nearby islands is to stop on the way between Platistoma and Perigliali. This viewpoint is perfect for gazing at Princess islands, such as famous Scorpios island, Heloni, Madouri, Meganisi and Nidri port.

Views above Nidri
Panoramic views above Princess islands

Location of the viewpoint:

View above Egremni beach

Egremni is one of the beaches with the bluest waters in the world. The famous beach is remote and still not accessible by the road. So, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views from above, and admire the blue indefinite color.

Egremni viewpoint
Panoramic views above Egremni beach

Location of the viewpoint:

View from the church Profiti Ilias

Enjoy spectacular views from one of the highest positions on the island. A small church Profiti Ilias is located above 1000m, and

The best panoramic views in Lefkada

offer spectacular views towards eastern coastal area of the island.

The church is accessible by road, through traditional villages Karya and Englouvi.

Location of the viewpoint:

View from Skaroi Pine Forest

After a wonderful fulfilling hike through the Skaroi forest you will enjoy an unbelievable view of the east islands. Take some wine and finger food with you, and just take a mental picture to etch in your spirit.

The route is over Nikiana on the way to Alexandros.The best panoramic views in LefkadaLocation of the viewpoint:


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