The main beaches of Lefkada island

Lefkada Island an overview

Lefkada is the 4th biggest island of the Eptanisa (Seven islands) with 302 km2 coastline extension and about 23.000 inhabitants. The fact that is connected to mainland by a 1km long causeway  and a 25m pontoon iron bridge is a distinctive feature of this island where you can easily arrive by car.

An unspoiled natural environment consisting of beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea waters, mountaineous areas, gorges, waterfalls and a lush vegetation are the main reasons why the island of Lefkada has become over the last decade a major tourist attraction. The presence on the island of a vibrant capital and traditional villages spread here and there also make this island an ideal place for sightseeing.

Finally a well organised  touristic infrastructure offering accomodation and services for all kind of budgets  and taste has contributed in making the island a favourite tourist destination. This is definetely true  for both travellers coming from other parts of Greece and from the rest of the world!

Lefkada Island: the beaches

Certainly the astonishing beauty of the beaches of Lefkada plays a major role in attracting every year travellers from all over  the world. Together with the pristine blue waters that surrounds all the island coasts. There are different kinds of beaches in Lefkada. On one side there are the long and sandy beaches, facing waters which become soon deep. On the other hand there are pebbly beaches and small coves where the water are definetely calmer and more swallow. The former are generally located in the area around Lefkada Town and on the west side of the island, while the latter are mostly on the east side.

Discover the beaches around Lefkada Town and on the west coast of Lefkada Island

Ai Giannis beach

The main beaches of Lefkada: choose your favourite!!!

The beach of Ai Gianiis (Sant John) is one of the closest beaches to the Lefkada Town. It’s 3 km away from the center of town. It is one of the top beaches of the island. Large in size with turquoise waters and constant winds. This beach is a meeting place for leading Windsurfing and Kite surfing Championships and for all passionate about these sports.

Kastro and Gyra beach

Lefkada Kastro and Gyra beaches
Beaches of Lefkada Kastro and Gyra

Around the lagoon which you encounter as you enter the island there is a road running along a long sandy coast. The first part of it hosts the beautiful beach of Kastro with deep blue waters and golden sand. A bit further you will find Gyra where a couple of beach bars are also offering refreshments. These two beaches are mostly appreciated by the locals due to their proximity to Lefkada Town.


Pefkoulia beach

This beach is located 2km before the fishing village of Agios Nikitas, 10 km from the city of Lefkada. It is one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on the island. Although readily available (with parking spaces), the beach is mostly not organised. There is a beach bar on the left side of it but if you go on the wider stretch of the beach you will need to bring your own sunombrella. Be also aware that here the water becomes deep soon and when there are waves it can be dangerous to swim.

Lefkada Beaches Pefkoulia
Lefkada Beaches Pefkoulia

Agios Nikitas beach

A small sandy and picturesque beach that you will find at the very end of the pedestrian road of this fishing village, at about 12km from Lefkada Town. Very popular also among locals it becomes very busy especially during the weekends and in high season. Behind the beach there are a few tavernas and bars.

Agios Nikitas Beach Lefkada
Agios Nikitas Beach Lefkada

Milos Beach

Milos Beach Lefkada
Milos Beach Lefkada

Milos beach is a long sandy beach located in the bay that separates Agios Nikitas Beach from Kathisma. It is a place or rare beauty and peace. You can reach it only by foot by walking on a 20 minutes foothpath of medium difficulty. Alternatively during the summer months there is a Taxi Boat service from Agios Nikitas beach. Milos beach is not organised and you need to bring with your own sunombrella.

Kathisma beach

Kathisma Beach Lefkada
Kathisma Beach Lefkada

Located 14km southwest of the capital of Lefkada. It’s a large beach with turquoise waters and white sand. It’s very attractive for young people due to the beach bars on the sea front. During peack season it is a very busy beach. It is fully organised with sumbeds and sunombrella and a parking spaces on the sea front. Be aware that here the water becomes deep soon and when there are waves it can be dangerous to swim.


Egkremnoi beach

Egkremnoi or Egremni is a huge and impressive sandy beach which is located 30km away from the center of Lefkada Town.  Impressive cliffs surrounds this long sandy beach facing deep turqoise waters. In the past you could access the beach by descending the 250 steps staircase. After the 2015 earthquake, the beach can be approached only via sea and there are a few daily cruises which have it as a stop. Hopefully for summer 2020 the beach will once more be accessible by road and steps!

Porto KatsikiThe main beaches of Lefkada: choose your favourite!!!

This beautiful beach has been awarded as the best beach in Greece. It is located southwest of the island. This magnificent beach can be accessed via 347 steps. The clear crystal waters and the sunset from the beach create a dreaming landscape.

Discover the Beaches on the east coast of Lefkada Island

Ligia, Nikiana and Nidri beaches

The east coast of Lefkada has a different landscape from the one of the west side. On the eastern side beaches are mainly pebbly and the waters more calm. Here the island faces a small arcipelago. The Prince’s Arcipelago where, among others, also Skorpios, the private island which once belonged to Onassis, is located.

The first medium size pebbly beaches that you will find on this site are the ones of Ligia and further south of Nikiana. These two villages attract a coonsiderable number of holidaymakers during  summer. Between them there are other access to the sea, usually small, but neverthless very picturesque.

Ligia beach Lefkada
Ligia beach Lefkada

A bit further south from Nikiana you will freach  Nidri, the island’s biggest resort by far. Nidri has a lovely setting but its beach is very narrow and most of it belongs to the touristic accomodation based there. Even though not the most impressive, the beach of Nidri faces the lovely islands of Madouri and Skorpios and the Prince’s Arcipelago. Moreover in Nidri there are some well organised centres for the practice of watersports.

Mirkos Gialos beach

Mikros Gialos Lefkada
Mikros Gialos Lefkada

Mikros Gialos beach is one of the most beautiful beach of Lefkada. It is located about 25 km south of the capital of the island, near the small village of Poros. The beach is long and mainly pebbly. The sea is blue and crystal. On the beach there are available deck chairs, umbrellas, bars and taverna. This is also a very good spot for kayaking.

Amousso beach

If you leave the main coastal road in Marandoxori and drive for 5km you will reach the pebbly bay of Amousso. A very picturesque beach but very busy all over the summer. Behind the beach a bar and a taverna offer refreshments and local cuisine speacialties. A lovely spot that you enjoy the most if you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Vasiliki beach

Vasiliki Bay Lefkada
Vasiliki Bay Lefkada

Around 20km south from Nidri, Vasiliki, the island’s premier watersports resort, lies at the East end of a huge bay. Vasiliki  beach is mainly sandy and cut off from the rest of the east coast by the barren peninsula of cape Doukato. There are bars and organised centres for those who wish to practice windsurf, sailing and sup.