Top 5 celebrities who fell in love with Greece!


Have you ever thought of the most famous people who fell in love with Greece? We present you five of the them, who have already invested in the “Heart” of the planet with the cleanest waters in the world.


1. Dimitri Ribolovlef          
Scorpios - Lefkada
Scorpios – Lefkada

Dimitri Ribolovlef loves Greece and decided to invest in Ionian Islands and specifically on Scorpios Island.

Ηe is the new owner of the island since April 2013. The golden island takes place a breath away from Lefkada island.



Dimitri Ribolovlef - Lefkada
Dimitri Ribolovlef – Lefkada

  Moreover, Aristotelis Onasis was the owner of the iconic island for many years, from 1962. In Nydri there is a statue in his honor as the locals feel very thankful for his charities to the residents of the village.

  Nydri is one of the most popular villages in Lefkada and it is located in the east side of the island.




2. Julia Roberts
"Pretty woman" loves GreeceJulia Roberts
“Pretty woman” – Patmos


Julia Roberts loves to relax in her lavish stone villa. The beautiful house overlooking the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, which is located in Patmos in the Aegean Sea. Peace and calm are the main feature of this house.


3. Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson - Antiparos
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson – Antiparos

Tom Hanks fell in love with Greece and he shows it. He is one of the first Hollywood actors who bought a villa in the “heart” of the planet. Every year him and his wife Rita Wilson vist Antiparos in the Aegean Sea and enjoy their holidays. Moreover, it is important to mention that few days ago, Tom Hanks got the Greek citizenchip and he feels very proud of it.


4. Richard Gere
Celebrities fell in love with Greece!
Richard Gere – Patmos

Richard Gere loves  Greece and defines our country: “Who can not be a lover of Greece? All of us have a piece of Greece in our heart! In particular, the “island of Apokalypse’ – Patmos is the place where the Hollywood actor has built his own “paradise’.


5. Bruce Willis
Celebrities fell in love with Greece!
Bruce Willis- Corfu

   “The Die Hard” man is not that strong in front the attractiveness of Greece! Therefore, the american film actor has bought a summer house in one of the Ionian Islands ,in Corfu. Every year he takes a break of his obligations in USA and sails the greek blue sea.


Above all, Greece is one of the most attractive and desireable destination in the world and Hollywood proves it every year!