Explore the hidden paradise nature of Lefkada island


Nidri Waterfall


Lefkada island has spectacular beaches that attract tourists each year to come and visit this Ionian island. Besides sunny seashores, the inland part of the island hides beautiful waterfalls, gorges, canyons and mountains. Lush and green Lefkada island invites tourists to discover more of the non coastal area of island.

When it comes to outdoor activities Lefkada has a lot to offer, from kite and windsurfing, paragliding, sailing to horse riding. Walking and hiking is also a good way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the nature of island. So, you can try with a refreshing and relaxing walk towards waterfalls in hot summer days.

Dimossari Waterfall in Nidri


Dimossari Waterfall in Nidri
Waterfalls Nidri

The well known waterfall of this island is certainly Dimossari waterfall. The waterfall is situated, in the most visited tourist resort of Nidri .  So if you have already found accommodation in lively summer resort Nidri, a visit to waterfalls will not be complicated for you. From main road in Nidri you will see the sign indicating the way you should follow.

Near Nidri and west from the settlement of Rachi, river has formed an astonishing waterfall. From cosmopolitan Nidri the distance is around 3km untill you reach your destination.The visit to the Waterfalls is easily accessible by car or on foot and it is also free of charge. The path leading to waterfall is suitable for families, couples and anyone who likes walking and trekking.

Reaching the Waterfall


Dimossari Waterfall in island Lefkada

Before you find the trail, you will see the parking from where the path is accessible only on foot. At the very entrance you will also encounter a coffee shop, that is ideal for a break if you need to refresh or eat something. Following the path you will enjoy the natural scenery of cascading waterfalls, with flowing water and the soothing sound of nature will captivate you.

Waterfall Dimossari in Nidri area

After 15-20 minutes of walk through the path that is surrounded by plane trees and white rocks, you will reach the gorge at the end of the path. In front of your eyes it will reveal spectacular view of main waterfall falling from a steep cliff. Below the waterfall there are natural ponds where you can try to refresh or if you are brave enough, try to swim. The water might be cold but perfect for cooling in the hot summer months. So, don’t miss to pack with you your swimming suit and also a camera so you memorise this adventure. Bear in mind that in some summer months water flow may decrease.

Dimosarri Waterfall in Nidri area


The Dimossari Waterfall is a perfect gataway for those who seek adventure, relaxation, and natural surrounding. Pursue a walk to the nature that will surprise you and visit this hidden natural treasure close to the bustling tourist village of Nidri.