Marco Polo TV & Web and Marcopolo Magazin in Lefkada

The staff of the Italian Marcopolo Tv & Web and Marcopolo Magazine visited the Ionian Islands:  Zakynthos, Kefalonia,Ithaca and Lefkada. The visit was part of the implementation of the Act “PHYSICS AND PHYSICAL  CULTURAL RESOURCES PROJECTS OF PI.N. 2017-2018”. A project funded by the European Union.

“Marcopolo Tv & Web” has about 2.5 millions of viewers. On the other hand “Marcopolo Magazin” circulates in 100,000 copies per month.

The photographer Piergiorgio Pirrone and  the journalisis Sarikosta Eleni and Elisabetta Canoro participated in the mission.

The purpose of the visit was to highlight the rich cultural heritage and the unique natural beauties of these islands. With the aim to enhance the italian tourism demand at the beginning of the tourist season. Below you can read a summary about what they say regarding Lefkada plus some useful information about this beautiful island!

Marco Polo Magazin with Article on Lefkada
Marco Polo Magazin with Article on Lefkada

Lefkada, the most tranquil island of the Ionian!

Lefkada is a magical place, far from mass tourism. An unspoilt paradise in the Ionian islands with turquoise sea and wild beaches. A quiet island, offering traditional handcfrats, characteristic shops and boutique hotels.

A sapphire lying on the Ionian Sea: this is how we can define Lefkada. The perfect destination for those looking for a trip to Greece far from the chaos. Surely there is a lot to see and explore!

Lefkada Town

Starting from the homonymous capital Lefkada. A city in pure Greek style, with its polychrome houses and tiled roofs, beautiful squares, narrow streets.

Lefkada Town Lefkada Island
Lefkada Island, Lefkada Town

Particularly interesting is the Castle of Agia Mavra built in the 1300s. Another place to visit is the Archaeological Museum where there are findings from excavations on the island,  from the Neolithic age to the late Roman period.

The Italian ''Marcopolo TV Web and Magazine'' visit to the Ionian islands!!
The castle of Santa Maura

The Island

Leaving the main city, you will come across many other interesting places. Firstly, Nydri – a cosmopolitan village and home to the island’s busiest port. Here you will find the Dimossari waterfalls, a fairy tale natural spot.

From Nydri numerous boat excursions start. They lead to discover hidden corners. Stunning places such as the Papanikolis Cave and the famous Skorpios island where the Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy got married.

The ideal place for shopping is instead Karia.  Indeed this is a characteristic village where time seems to stay still. Moreover this mountaineous village is the paradise of lace and embroderies.  You can find them in the local shops marked by the Kenthmata sign. You will be amazed with their stunning beauty.

Lefkada Karia Main Square
Lefkada Karia Main Square

Vasiliki is also lovely. It is a typical fishing village famous among windsurfers. Also Agios Nikitas is a picturesque village from which, with a walk, you  can reach the wild beach of Milos.

Many places to visit, activities to experience, a marvellous culinary tradition, amazingly beautiful sea and beaches.