The island from above

Meganisi Island – Lefkada

Meganisi is a small island in the Ionian archipelago south of the island of Lefkada. Despite its name, which includes the word “mega”, the size of the island is 20 square kilometers.  A small paradise endowed with nature, full of greenery and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Α traditional and small fishing village evolves more and more into a popular destination where they can accommodate: couples, families, boat owners, celebrities and anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate experience of luxury and hospitality. Visiting its small and picturesque villages will leave you with the best feeling of hospitality and the experience of staying in a magical place, traditional and yet popular.

How do I go there and how do I transfer into?

Αccess to Meganisi takes place from Nydri (Lefkada) with a ferryboat. The journey takes 25 minutes and compensates you with the beauty of nature. You can take your car with you or not. While you arrive at the island there is local transport for the transfer to all three settlements, either by bus or taxi, you can also use the car or motorbike rental service.

What can I see?

On the island of Meganisi we can see 3 settlements. Spartohori at the highest point of the island. Built between picturesque alleys, where you can admire the view to Spilia, a natural bay with a marvelous beach. Katomeri is the capital of the island and Vathy is the natural harbor, where Marina Odysseas now hosts.

Most noteworthy that this new ornament on the island results in a huge source of development, where they host luxury yachts.

papanikolis cave
Papanikolis Cave

In addition, you can also visit the cave of Papanikolis in the southwestern tip where the homonymous historical submarine of the Hellenic Navy was sheltered during the Second World War. Furthermore, you can visit the cave of Cyclops, above Spilia. The small monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos next to the homonymous beach is located there since 1477. The old olive presses in Katomeri which today operates as a craft museum and the old windmills that enhance the romantic atmosphere of the island.


amazing beach at Meganisi island

The island has plenty of beaches to visit with very clean waters and scenic scenes of nature in the background. Most noteworthy, some of the most famous are the following. Fanari, Ai Giannis, Spilia. Also Pasoumaki, Atherinos, Faros, Elia, Mpereta, Limonari, Ampelakia are less known.  Most of these are not organized, which makes you believe that the place is pure and preserves its beauty!!

Meganisi is waiting to discover it, to live it, to love it.