Many times we hear the characteristic phrase “Lefkada, the island you always return to”.

But why does Lefkada stand out compared to other destinations and why many choose and prefer it for their summer holidays, and not only? In this blog post of Lefkada-Rentals, you will find 8 major reasons why it is worth visiting Lefkada not just once.

1. Magnificent beaches: in Lefkada island, you will find some of the world’s best beaches with unique beauty. There are various kinds of beaches for all tastes. Impressive rocky beaches, pebbly or sandy, others more popular and others more secluded. What is certain is, however, that all of them have crystal clear, blue waters and are located among the green nature of the island.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

This is the reason that every year many beaches of Lefkada are awarded with “blue flags” and are characterized by the world type of the best in the world. Porto Katsiki, Agiofili, Kathisma and Egremni are beaches that should not be missed from your list on your every visit to Lefkada.

2. Entertainment: Lefkada is known for its nightlife and entertainment until the morning. The fun starts very early in beach bars, bar-restaurants, until very late in the evening in a club.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

If you find yourself in Lefkada, you should definitely relax, have fun and make your holidays unforgettable… an experience you will want to relive again and again.

3. Activities: there are many activities that one can deal with in Lefkada. Kite and windsurfing, scuba diving, other water sports, day trips, museums, festivals and events are some of the things one can enjoy.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

There are really countless options that will satisfy all tastes and fill your time creatively every single time you visit the island.

4. Gastronomy: many of the products produced in Lefkada are the basis of the Mediterranean diet. There is a wide variety of traditional products such as Lefkadian oil, oregano, sage, wine, air salami, fresh fish and many more that you can taste and which are well established in the world market.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

Therefore, on your visits to Lefkada, you should not hesitate to try the traditional dishes, made with fine local products. Ιn every visit to the island, you will try something new that will amaze you…

5. Northern Lefkada: Lefkada, apart from its beaches and beautiful natural landscapes, has another side, the mountainous Lefkada. Picturesque villages, lush forests, waterfalls, natural springs and green landscapes that are suitable for travelers interested in peace and relaxation.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

Also, there are several activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, etc with which you will get to know beauties only a few know about the island. Each time will surprise you positively, with new passages and new discoveries.

6. Excursions and cruises: Lefkada is located at a point that will allow you to visit other adjacent islands and places that will be unforgettable. There are many nearby places worth visiting during your holidays in Lefkada.

A must-do for the first time visitors is the cruise to Princess Islands, Meganisi, Kefalonia and Ithaca all in an imposing environment, and with great historical interest.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

Another top choice cruise would be the one to Egremni and Porto Katsiki in the two top beaches of the island.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

Kastos and Kalamos is another favorite destination with unique beaches and picturesque bays.

All of them are definitely places worth putting on your schedule. You can find all the information about the kind of cruises and destinations here.

7. Easy access from the bridge: one of the reasons you should choose Lefkada two, three times and even more for your holidays, is the easy access.
Always on vacation what we want is rest, so easy and quick access to a destination is very important.
The nearest airport to Lefkada is Preveza (PVK) which is just 20 km from the town of the island.
The road distance from Athens is only 360 km and from Thessaloniki is 370 km. The road trip by car from both cities is quite relaxing due to the brand new road network. Access from Akaranania to Lefkada is via the floating bridge, so you will avoid the hassle and high cost of ferry boats.

8 reasons why you will always want to return to Lefkada

In any case, traveling to Lefkada by car or airplane you will enjoy a pleasant trip without the hassle and high expenses.

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