Travelling to Lefkada from Italy is indeed quite easy! Even in summer 2020! Actually, there are 2 main ways to reach the island. Embarking on a ferry boat or taking one of the available direct flights from Italy to the airport of Atkio-Preveza.

Surely if you wish to bring your own car with you the best solution is to travel via ferry boat. The companies which area operating ferries are Anek, Superfast and  Minoan Lines. You can embark in Ancona, Bari or Venezia and reach Igouminitsa. This town is only 110km from the Island of Lefkada. 

On the other hand taking one of the available flights from from Italy to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada can save you a lot of time. In fact the airport of Atkio Preveza is the nearest airport to Lefkada island, situated only 18km from its capital, Lefkada Town.  Therefore once you arrived in Atkio Preveza airport you can easily reach the island of Lefkada with a taxi or the bus. Moreover, if you prefer you can rent a car!

Usually direct flights from Italy to Atkio-Preveza run from many different italian airports and start seasonally every May-June. However this year due the restriction following the Covid-19 things changed. Therefore in summer 2020 direct flights from Italy to Atkio- Preveza operate only in July, August and September. Departing airports are also less. 

Below you can find the summer 2020 schedules for all airline companies operating direct flights from Italy to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada.  

Volotea: direct flights from  Venezia to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada

Volotea usually offers  flights to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada from various towns in Italy. In particular from Bari, Napoli (Naples), and Venezia (Venice). This summer the only flight operative is the one from Venezia. 

Flights From Venezia M. Polo/VCE and return July, August & September 2020

Volotea Flights from Venezia to Atkio Preveza Lefkada July Aug Sept 2020
Volotea Flights from Atkio Preveza Lefkada to Venezia July Aug Sep 2020

Vueling: from Roma to Atkio-Preveza

During summer 2020 also Vueling operate flights that connect the airport of Roma Fiumicino to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada. There will be in fact 1 weekly connections operating from 24 July 2020 to 28 of August 2020. Details can be found in the table below.

Vueling Roma to Atkio Preveza & return August 2020


From Milano Malpensa to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada with Easyjet

With Easyjet you can  fly from Milano Malpensa to Atkio Preveza-Lefkada.

Flights from Milano Malpensa to Atkio Preveza Summer 2020 Easyjet
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