The paradise island

Meganisi, the dreamers island

Meganisi is a green paradise island located just a breath away from Lefkada. The pristine beaches and the traditional villages make visitors to place it at the top of their travel agenda. Accessible via ferry from Nidri port, Meganisi is an ideal choice for relaxing and quality vacation that combine tradition with cosmopolitan aura. The green-blue visual feast, traditional villages, and beaches with crystal clear waters, are among the factors that contribute to an exceptional holiday experience.

The settlements

Meganisi Island, Greece: Our Roadtripping Itinerary and Scenes | TRAVEL AND  LIFESTYLE DIARIES -Meganisi has 1000 permanent residents spread throughout three traditional settlements. Firstly, Katomeri, the capital and municipality seat of the island, is a typical Greek village with traditional aura. The old stone-made houses with colourful windows, and the wide courtyards with potted plants, make Katomeri a true pictersque. This untouched by modern amenities village, has the least population of the three settlements, thus, making it an unspoiled destination that is worth to visit.

Destination: Vathi, Meganisi | Sail Ionian Yacht Charter Lefkada Greece :  Sail IonianSecondly, the village of Vathi is the second of ththree settlements and is located in the innards of a naturally protected bay, on the north-east side of the island. Vathi, with its whitewashed houses and its traditional fishing boats that remain active till today, is ideal for sea-food lovers since visitors can find numerous fish taverns around the port.

Χωριό Spartochori Meganisi στο νησί Ελλάδα Meganissi Στοκ Εικόνες - εικόνα  από : 110270362The last settlement of the three is Spartochori. It is a traditional beauty settlement with labyrinth-style alleys that give visitors the impression of an island in the Aegean sea. The village stands proud at the top of the hill and its main square offers panoramic views of Scorpios island as well as Lefkada’s east coast.


Best beaches on Meganissi | The Thinking Traveller

Wherever you stand for a swim, Meganisi will surely compensate you. The beaches around the island offer crystal-clear water options and rich vegetation that reaches the sea. Among the most famous ones are Fanari and Spilia where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the beach bar. Other beaches  like Atherinos, Ai-Yiannis and Limonari are not organized, so it is good to have mats and umbrellas with you. In addition there are other small bays around the island, ideal for carefree moments and tranquility, that everyone can discover on their own.

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Finally, for the sea-cave lovers, there is the famous Papanikolis cave, located at the southwestern tip of the island. It owes its name to the historic submarine that used the cave as a shelter during World War II. It is 120 meters long and 60 meters wide, and it has a small sandy beach in the background. You can visit the cave when booking a boat cruise from Nidri port.

Where to stay in Meganisi

In Meganisi there is a great variety of acommodation that suit every budget and taste. you can find some exclusive choices of luxury modern villas that offer stunning views of the Ionian Sea.