Lefkada features a very scenographic coastline where you can find beautiful long sandy beaches but also lovely hidden caves and picturesque bays accessible only by the sea. Moreover, Lefkada is located in an area of stunning natural beauties where many other islands and islets stand. Just opposite Nidri there are the so-called islands of the Prince’s Arcipelago. They include Skorpios, in the past the residence of the greek magnate Aristotelis Onassis. But also immaculate and fascinating places such as Madouri, the islet of the greek poet Valaoritis. The stunning Meganisi, the wild Kastos and Kalamos with their unique and picturesque bays and small harbours. And this is just to name a few.

Skorpios Island
The Island of Skorpios

Furthermore, in less than 1,30 hour by boat you can also reach two other amazing Ionian Islands such as Ithaka and Kefalonia. No wonder than that, with so much to explore, one of the most popular activities to do if you are on holiday in Lefkada is to go on a daily cruise and enjoy the fantastic scenery!

Why a daily cruise?

First of all because it is a great opportunity to spend a relaxing but at the same time exciting day with your family, friends or your beloved one. Secondly, you will be able to reach remote spots that you cannot access via land. By doing so you will breathe air from an uncontaminated nature: this will energize your whole body while giving you the chance to get fully in contact with your inner side and rediscover your wild soul.

A swim in paradise
A swim in paradise

Moreover, you will be able to swim in crystal clear waters, to do snorkeling or simply sunbathe in one of the numerous beaches and bays of your itinerary. A daily cruise is also a perfect mean to learn something about greek and lefkadian history, local traditions and curiosities. To taste some delicious local food and in general to experience the truly idyllic nature of Greece.

What kind of daily cruise from Lefkada?

There are many options you can choose from if you decide to go on a daily cruise in Lefkada and its surroundings. First of all, you can decide whether to go on a sailing or on a motor boat excursion. You can also choose a private cruise, exclusively for you, your family and friends or a tour where you will be with other people. The itinerary vary, depending on the boat you choose. But of one thing you can be sure. Whatever cruise you choose you will be able to admire amazing places and get a unique picture of Lefkada and the paradise where this island is immersed! Curious to know the options available? Then let’s review them together!

A day at sea on a beautiful Cyclades 43,4 sailing boat

This daily cruise is on board of a  Cyclades 43.4. Proposing you three different itineraries, it gives you the opportunity to cruise and explore the wonderful diversity of the Prince’s Arcipelago islands and the Ionian sea. With spectacular coastlines, hidden coves and amazing little bays.

Cyclades Sailing Daily Cruise Lefkada
Cyclades Sailing Daily Cruise Lefkada

 The choice of the itinerary is between:

  • Kalamos, Skorpios, Meganisi
  • Meganisi, Formekula, Atokos
  • Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos

The private tour includes a lot of swimming in turquoise crystal waters, snorkelling, fishing and relax. Equipment for all these activities are included in the price as well as a camera for underwater pictures. Furthermore, you will be treated by a friendly crew throughout the day with breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, wine and coffee. And, if you wish, you can also request, at an extra charge, a massage on board by a certified physio! On request special events such as birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette, yoga retreat can be organized for you.  The cruise starts usually at 10.00am from Nidri and ends around 18.00! 10 passenger can be on board. The cost of the cruise starts from 600 euros.

A day cruise on a unique handcrafted ship: a typical boat of Ancient Greece.

Lefkada Boat Cruises Historical Boat
Lefkada Boat Cruises Historical Boat

Dive into Greek and Lefkadian history, traditions and flavours with this daily cruise rated one of the top activities of the island. You will be on board of a typical ancient greek boat, with a very professional and friendly crew who will also teach you some greek dances!!!

Starting from Nidri, you will first proceed towards Meganisi and visit the Cave of Papanikolis where, if you wish, you can take a refreshing swim. The day goes on then with the tour of Spartoxori, on the same island, and a visit to the local olive farm. At lunchtime you will have the chance to taste a delicious barbeque on a small private beach with plenty of time to relax, swim, and sunbathe. Finally, you will enjoy a tour of Skorpios and discover the history and curiosities of this small paradise which belonged to Aristotelis Onassis. A stop on the private beach of Maria Callas and sailing around  Madouri closes the tour in the late afternoon, returning in Nidri around 18.00.

Discover the amazing hidden jewels of the Ionian Sea with a daily cruise on a stylish wooden boat!

Experience the charm of secret beaches, famous spots, fabulous small islands nearby Lefkada. Sail further away to the other wonderful islands of the Ionian Sea. Your journey will be on board of a luxury Italian 45ft, 2005 Aprea Mare motor boat with 1000 horsepower. Very stylish, spacious and comfortable.

Wood Luxury Motor Boat Lefkada
Wood Luxury Motor Boat Lefkada Cruises

The cruise starts from Lefkas Marina and brings you to explore the East Coast of Lefkada, to navigate around Chiloni, Skorpios Madouri and Meganisi. Here you will have time for relaxing at a secluded beach and then have lunch in a local taverna in Vathi, the capital of the island. In the afternoon you will also visit other bays of Meganisi, the beach of Gerakas, on the Aetelokarnanian coast. Finally you will return to Lefkas Marina in the late afternoon. The boat can host up to 10 people. Lunch and fuel are not included in the price which starts from 750 euros per day.

Cruise of the west coast of Lefkada, Ithaka and Kefalonia and Prince’s Archipelago

Motor Boat Cruise Lefkada Ionian Islands
Motor Boat Cruise Lefkada Ionian Islands

The first destination of this cruise is a swim at the breath-taking beach of Porto Katsiki, on the west coast of Lefkada. The boat proceeds then to Kefalonia where it will anchor in Fiscardo. Here you can relax in one of the bars for a coffee or take a stroll around. The third stop is in Ithaka, home of Homer’s hero Odysseus. In the afternoon the boat proceeds to Meganisi and the Cave of Papanikolis. The afternoon goes on with the circumnavigation of Skorpios and a stop for a swim in Jabky Kennedy’s beach. On the way back to Nidri you will also admire Madouri. The cruise is on board of a fast motorboat that departs and returns from Nidri. You can choose a ticket with or without meal starting from 20 euros per person.

One day cruise around the Prince’s Arcipelago and the east coast of Lefkada on a luxury sailing boat!

Lefkada Daily Cruise Sailing
Lefkada Daily Cruise Sailing

This tour features a cruise on board of a luxury 47-foot sailing boat. Departing from Perigiali to discover the beauties of the Prince’s Arcipelago, you will come across fabulous remote spots, beaches and caves. Relax, swim and enjoy a beautiful day around Meganisi, Skorpios and the so-called Prince’s Arcipelago. While the captain and the hostess of the boat will treat you, your family and friends with fresh delicious homemade food! On request personal itineraries can be agreed with the captain and according to wind conditions. The boat has place for a group of maximum 10 pax. The price starts from 700 euros per day and includes lunch with fresh seafoods, wine, ouzo and tsipouro all day long (on a drink scheme as much as you can for these last two!)

One day cruise on a beautiful handcrafted boat!

You can enjoy cruising amid stunning scenery on board of a wooden charming big boat and taste a delicious meal accompanied by a variety of local wine, food and beverages. At an extra charge you can also have a personlised menu for you and your friends or family.


You will agree the itinerary directly with Captain Christos who will be your personal guide during this fabulous journey! You will be treated to an unforgettable day by him and his friendly and professional crew.  Among the destinations that you can choose for your daily cruise there are: Kalamos , Kastos, Meganisi, Skorpios, the islands of the Prince’s Arcipelago and the beaches of Lefkada. Departing from Perigiali at 9.30-10.00 am, after a day of relax, sightseeing and swimming,  you will return there at around 18.30pm. The boat can host up to 10 people. The price starts from 1200 euros per day. While lunch and drinks are included, the cost of the fuel is extra.

Experience a luxury daily cruise on a fast motor boat !

You can really experience luxury and relax on this 54-foot Eco Marine Motorboat! And treat yourself, family and friends with a beautiful day that you will remember forever. You can plan your day choosing among various and different itineraries. Or you can create your own itinerary selecting destinations among:

  • Kefalonia, Ithaka
  • Egremni & Porto Katsiki
  • Skorpios, Meganisi
  • Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos


The Captain and his crew will assist you during the cruise. You will have wine, champagne, and a delicious light lunch. On request a personal chef can be booked together with a stewardess. The cruise is both for private groups and, twice a week, can be joined by individuals. The cruise starts from Lefkas Marina or Perigiali. The price goes from 1200 euros upwards and does not include the fuel. The boat can have a maximum of 16 people on board.

One day cruise with style on a luxury yacht! 

Daily Cruise Lefkada Motor Boat
Daily Cruise Lefkada Motor Boat

A unique cruising experience in style and relax on a luxury and very comfortable motor boat which offers you various options for a daily cruise in Lefkada and surroundings. There are few destinations you can choose including Lefkada beaches, Meganisi and Skorpios. Other itineraries features Ithaka (Afales, Kioni, Vathi), Porto Katsiki and Fiskardo (Kefalonia), Paxos-Atipaxos, Kalamos-Kastos. Kefalonia (Myrtos – Assos-Symi). The captain and the hostess on this motor boat will treat you all day long with a welcome light breakfast, a light lunch with pasta al fresco and salads. Furthermore fruit and drinks! On request you can design your special itinerary! The boat can host up to 8 people and the price of the cruise starts from 1200 euros.

An economic daily cruise on a comfortable and modern motorboat!

Ideal for families or for a group of friends with the possibility to plan your trip based on your preferences. This motor boat will offer you a unique experience to discover the natural beauties of Lefkada and the other surrounding islands.

Comfortable motorboat cruises Lefkada
Comfortable motorboat cruises Lefkada

You can choose your route among the following destinations:

  • Lefkada
  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos
  • Ithaka
  • Corfu

The boat can accommodate up to 9 people and costs from 700 euros per day. This include among others the cost of the skipper, soft drinks and fruit, snorkelling equipment but not the cost of the fuel. The departure of the cruise can be arranged from various places in Lefkada.  

 A luxury daily cruise on board of a modern Azimut of 20m!

Lead to countless bays, secrets coves and hidden beaches on board of a luxury, comfortable and fast boat. The boat will anchor for refreshing swims and some unforgettable dives in crystal clear waters. Among the various journeys available you can also have the possibility to spend a few hours in the picturesque and cosmopolitan little villages of the Ionian Islands. 

Luxury Daily Cruise Lefkada
Luxury Daily Cruise Lefkada

You can choose your itinerary among Lefkada, Kefalonia, Paxos, Corfu, Zachintos, Meganisi and Ithaka.

On board of the boat there will be the captain and one member of the crew. You can start your cruise, generally at 10.00 am from various places of Lefkada. On this yatch there is space for up to 18 people. The price of the cruise goes from 2300 to 2600 euros and does not include food and fuel.

For more information and bookings

If you wish to have more detailed information about daily cruises in Lefkada and its surrounding feel free to contact us on 0030 26450 26912, to write us an email at support@lefkada-rentals.com or to pass directly from our office.

Lefkada Rentals is based in the centre of Lefkada Town. Our professional and friendly staff will be more than happy to help you choose the best option available for you. We are looking forward to seeing you!!