10 Powerful Tricks To Get More Bookings In Mid and Low Season

It’s one of the biggest headaches for property owners; getting bookings in mid and low seasons. If you are involved in the property business , these are some tricks that will help you to boost bookings.

monthly calendar
monthly calendar

#1 Allow for shorter stays

There’s no two ways about it; you have to be more flexible in these seasons. You need to offer lower rates and allow for shorter stays than you would in the high season. Most travellers are savvy enough now to be on the lookout for cheaper and more flexible deals during these seasons. So, if you offer a good one you’ll find they get booked up quickly.

#2 Create special wellness packages

Offering packages alongside a booking is a great way to entice potential bookers in. A great trick I learnt is to research local wellness centres. Offer yoga or spa retreat packages alongside your accommodation.

The new, modern-day focus on wellness makes these popular. You can work with local businesses who have a social media presence to help you promote these packages.

#3 Optimise for countries with low fare rates

Deals are changing all the time, and it’s worth spending some time researching them. Use  research engines for air tickets to search for flights anywhere from your location for the upcoming months. It will give you a quick look into where the cheapest flights are, and then you can optimise your bookings around this.Image result for lefkadarentals instagram

#4 Company retreats

Many companies are helping people be more productive in beautiful places. We focus to help companies with company retreats, and now cooperate with accommodation partners and landlords around Europe.

Our highest demand is in autumn and spring, and so we can now offer these accommodation partners and landlords where we can help to fill their spaces and rooms in the low and mid seasons.


#5 Try to find unique, niche websites to distribute your listings

Everyone is using websites like Airbnb, Booking.com or Hotels.com. These are great sites and they may drive the majority of your bookings, but it also means they’ll be driving the majority of your competitor’s bookings too.

Think about some unique, smaller niche websites where you can distribute your listings. A good idea is to find a local website that specialises in the area your property is located and addresses to the audience that searches for properties in this specific area, town or country!


#6 Organise local events

If your property has a large open space, like a garden or a patio, you can try organising local events. There are a huge range of events you can think about, like wine tastings, movie nights, and you can find local event organisers.

You aren’t always likely to earn money with these local events, but it’s a great way to build up your reputation and create a fantastic relation with the locals. Word-of-mouth counts for a lot in the property business, and they will recommend your properties to friends or relatives visiting them. This is more of a long-term strategy, but it works.

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#7 Invite bloggers & Instagrammers

This is another strategy which will bring you bookings in the long-term. Bloggers and Instagrammers will create fresh content around your property, which they will share with their peers. Don’t expect direct bookings immediately, especially if you aren’t inviting celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Try to attract bloggers who aren’t so famous, otherwise they will charge you for the visit and ask you to cover all of their costs. Smaller bloggers are simply happy with a free stay. You will get some backlinks to your website and probably a few cool pictures to update your listings, and any additional bookings are a bonus.Tricks To Get More Bookings

#8 Long-term discounts with weekly/monthly stays

Many sites like Airbnb allow you to set up discounts for a longer stay with weekly and monthly discounts. Avoid them in the high season, when you can fill out your properties easily.

But in mid-low season you can attract people who are searching for longer stays, usually business travellers, digital nomads, students or teachers. Be aware that these people are very careful with the amenities that regular travelers care about less: equipped kitchen, desk, solid internet or washing machine.

#9 Special offers 

A special deal or discounted price for mid and low seasons, are always attractive. Special prices and integrated packages, lower budget so the clients have the flexibility to decide a complete packages in special price. Its safer for tourists to know the total budget of they holidays in an attractive including package.

#10 Contact organisers of local conferences or events

Research larger events in your area and contact them with an offer to become an accommodation partner. If it’s not a large conference, they don’t usually even ask for commision. This strategy needs a bit of luck to find good partners, but you would be surprised at how many leads one relatively small event can drive to your business.

Tricks To Get More Bookings
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And again, it helps with that much needed word-of-mouth!