Christmas loading…visit Lefkada!

Have you ever celebrated Christmas in Lefkada? If not it’s time to do it!Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Christmas Holidays is a good period to visit it. A click on “” and you will find the best apartment ,villa or studio for you!


Christmas Holidays
Lefkada central square

Enjoy Christmas!

On Christmas period a lot of events take place in Lefkada. Christmas lights and ornaments  adorne the town. Music plays all day while kids are delighted to do ice-skating. Everybody begs to the fairground in the main center square of Lefkada.

Christmas in Lefkada!
christmas ornaments

The festivity

“Lefkada Cultural Organization”, “Filarmoniki Company” and  local cultural  associations organize a lot of different events. People enjoy it and can participate if they want to. Τhe festivity includes musical  nights. The Main Christmas Concert of “Filarmoniki” is the most popular event.

Christmas in Lefkada!
Filarmoniki company of Lefkada


The carols

On Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Twelfth Night, all along the main pedestrian street of the town “Filarmoniki”  plays the carols. Moreover, “Santa” gives sweets and presents to everybody!

Christmas in Lefkada!
Santa is coming..

The Cross

On the 6th of January Greece celebrates “FOTA”. The priests of the town dip the Cross in the sea as they sing the psalms. At the same time the crowd dip oranges in the holy water. A lot of people are in small fishing boats. Therefore, the little harbor is full of them. The scene is wonderful. On the third Cross’s dive, young men dives to catch up the Cross. The one who manages it is the most blessed!

Christmas in Lefkada!

The feelings

Pleasure, happiness and love make people smile and enjoy every single moment of this celebration. Simillarly, the locals welcome the visitors and entertain them in any way.

Food and Wine

Restaurants, cafes and all day bars are hidden in the little alleyways of the town. Tourists can taste special foods, local tastes and domestic wines.

Christmas Lefkada
Christmas in Lefkada

Lefkada is here!

In conclusion, visit Lefkada during Christmas and you will have plenty of sweet memories to keep.

Christmas in Lefkada!