Summer events in Lefkada

Lefkada is famous not only for the well-known and famous beaches, but for its traditional and cultural events, organized specially during the summer. Traditional fests, folklore dancing, theatrical performances and many more, are among some of the things you can experience during your holidays in Lefkada. Cultural Events in Lefkada is a serious goal for the local, but an amazing experience for the tourists as well!


21/06 & 22/06 Garden theater Once upon our yard ”palestrina” Association.

5/07       Open theater The Acharnians staring P.Filipidis, P.Chaikalis, K.Kokla.

6/07       Garden theater six feet under staring G.Galitis.

25/07     Open theater The odd couple staring V.Kiriakidis & G.Zouganelis.

28/07     Open theater Einstein’s Universe starring Th.Theologis.

28/07     Garden theater Andromache staring Ph.Philoshophou.

30/07     Open theater Assemplywomen staring A.Loudaros & D.Starovas.

01/08     Amoglossa  Gaea by G.Flakonis staring Georgia Zoi.

02/08     Open theater Far West staring Th.Atheridis,G. Skiadaresis & B.Malfa.

06/08     Open theater Electra staring L.Papaligoura & N.Kouris.

09/08     Open theater Dad don’t you ever die again on a Friday by A.Rigas & D.Apostolou.

11/08    Venetian Castle Erotokritos ”Terpsichori” Association.

30/08 & 31/08 Garden theater Abelard and Heloise Lefkas Cultural Center Theater.

                            Theater for children

20/06  Foyer The arrow that wouldn’t hurt <Diavlos>Prevention Center.

09/07 Open theater Cinderella Rontidis Theater for children.

13/07 Open theater Karagiozis Athanasiou Shadow Theater.

14/07 Open Theater The wolf and the seven little goats Small theater Larissas.

16/07 Open Theater Peppa’s Dream. 

18/07 Open Theater Karagiozis Shadows & Laughs Comp.

20/7 Open theater Around the world in 80 days G.Christopoulos Theater for children.

24/07 Open Theater Rapunsel Theatriki Anagenissi.

26/07 Open Theater Peter pan Theatro tou Vora.

31/07 Open Theater Karagiozis Athanasiou Shadow Theater.

01/08 A Midsummer’s Night Dream Magikes Svoures.


21/06   Open Theater Ballroom King School of Athletic Dance & Likeios Apollon.

23/06  Open theater School of Art Alexandra Boura Dance School.

24/06 & 25/06 Open Theater Pegasus Lefkada Folk Dances.

26/06  Open Theater Orfeas Lefkada Children’s Dance performance.

29/06  Open Theater Chrissoula Kouniaki Dance school.

01/07  Open Theater Nea Chorodia Lefkada Folk Dance. 

03/07  Open Theater Choreftikos Omilos Lefkada Folk Dance.

06/07  Open Theater school of Art Alexandra Boura Dance School.

08/07  Open Theater Euridiki Mesini Dance school.

21/07  Open Theater Buenos Tangos Romper El Piso.

19/08-26/08 Open Theater 56th International Folklore Festival.


20/07 -19:30 Conference Hall I am not a poet poems collection by Antonis Roupakiotis.

03/08 -19:30 Conference Hall All my writings by Nikos Karidis.

04/08 -19:30 Conference Hall Parallel Routes poems collection by Katerina Livitsanou-Danou.

13/08 -19:30 Conference Hall The sacred geometry in Lefkadian Embroidery & tapestry by Kassiani Kourti-Panagopoulo.


23/06  Garden Theater Choral Night Nea Chorodia Lefkadas.

14/07 & 15/07 Foyer Lefkas Music Week.

16/07 & 17/07 Garden Theater Two Days of Music in co-operation with EKPA- Jazz Nights & poetry set to music.

29/07    Western Pier Festa del Canale.

05/08   Open Theater Summer concert of the Lefkada Philarmonic Society.

07/08   Garden Theater A night of music with Savveria Margiola.

08/08  Open Theater Nikos Portokaloglou with the Orfeas Mandolin Ensemble.

09/08  Garden Theater Lefkadian Concert.

10/08 Garden Theater Lefkas Musical Ensemble & Ioanna Vrakatseli ”Tango Del Fuego”

13/08  Western Pier Barcarole (Serenading boatmen)by Nea Chorodia Lefkadas.

Music nights with ”Agiomavritiki Parea” in the town’s bazaar.


22/07-27/07 Garden Theater Cinema beneath the stars.


14/07&15/07 Markas Square Gastronomy Festival.


16/06-26/06 Art Hall ”Cuba in the heart” Photography exhibition.

27/06-09/07 Art Hall Painting exhibition from the Zacharias Partalakis collection.

03/07-31/07 Cultura Center ”Unknown China” Photography exhibition.

10/07-21/07 Art Hall Painting exhibition by Spiros Messinis.

23/07-03/08 Art Hall Caricature exhibition by Kostantinos Sklavenitis.

05/08-19/08 Art Hall Painting by Anna-Maria Tsakali.

21/08-31/08 Art Hall Retrospective Photo Exhibition by Giannis Falkonis.

01/09-10/09 Art Hall Painting Exhibition by Efi Liarokapi.

11/09-21/09 Art Hall Sculture Excibition by Triantafilos Raptis.


15/06-17/06 -20:00 Garden Theater Lea Festival.

26/06 & 27/06 -18:30 Cultural Center Hall & Garden Theater Lefcadio Hern Days.

05/08  -19:00 Conference Hall Workshop: ”Beneficialism-Lefkadian Donors and Benefactors. Ideology, face, works”

09/08 & 10/08 -18:30 Conference Hall 23rd Symposium of the Lefkadian Studies Society on ”Lefkada and Tourism 1950-2018”

12/08 -21:00 Garden Theater ”Angelos’ Speech” feauturing Ilias Logothetis & Maria Zachari.


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