Old coffee shops
Old ”kafeneio”

Coffee shops starts…

In all provincial Greece the traditions remained alive and resist in time. Different local music, gastronomy or culture, every place has its own tradition. Old women embroider beautiful clothes and a lot of things. In past years when people had the necessity to communicate, they started a new time of growth, by opening coffee shops. At the beginning this were small shops, where someone could find also first supplies, and later these shops evolved to social meeting points.

Old coffee shops
Local salami

In Lefkada

In Lefkada, most villages begin to have traditional old coffee shops called ”kafeneia”. Especially in the old years, these were meeting and communication points mostly for men, but today is for everybody. The characteristic traditional ”kafeneio” is located in the center of the village; each with special decoration, usually with things and pictures from the past years to remind us old local events and caracteristics of the past social life.

An old wood stove used to warm people in cold days of winter as they return from the fields. They stayed there to rest and drink a glass of wine or tsipouro served with a special local meze. Usually local salami, cheese and toasty bread with tomato and olives.
In summer people rest outside in the square down from the plane trees and enjoy the coolness coming from the mountainous area.

Old coffee shops

Famous villages in Lefkada were you can find traditional coffee shops is Karia, a beautiful village with a main square, there you can relax drinking your greek coffee down from the platany coolness. After that in Eglouvi village you can find traditional ”Kafeneio” in the center. The balcony of Mrs Labrini ”Kafeneio” in xortata village an old woman keeping traditions alive! Another local old coffee shop and very nice place is ”Kouzoumpeis kafeneio”. A small oasis in Lefkas town mostly for families, there you can taste special traditional drink ”soumada” and other tasty local drinks and sweets.

Old coffee shops
Local drink ”soumada”

The island

Lefkada I’m in love with it. You have to live and feel the positive energy of the island. Where ever you stand on mountain, fresh air, beautiful green viewing all Lefkada from above. Furthermore you find the most wonderful beaches in Ionio sea, with clear tirquaz waters, looking the gorgeous sunset, ending into the sea.

How many reasons to visit Lefkada island. Beautiful beaches ,athletic sea activities, cosmopolitan life, but also quiet traditional corners. The island has maintained its architectural local character. Traditional houses, big hotels, apartments and newly build beautiful villas in special location viewing the sky and idyllic sunsets in sea horizon.

Old coffee shops
Lefkada town