The Carnival in Lefkada!
the masks

The carnival

The carnival is a big celebration which people enjoy all over the world! Lefkada enjoys carnival too!

During the Carnival period in Greece there is a variety of different events that take place from town to town.

First of all, the Carnival starts three weeks before the Clean Monday. On this day begins the Big Fast which lasts for forty days, until Easter.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
the calendar

In ancient years during this period, people were drinking wine, singing and dancing in honor of god Dionysos, while were wearing masks and several costumes.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
colorfull masks

Patras Carnival – Xanti, Rethymno…

The oldest and the most famous carnival in Greece is the Patras Carnival. It was began on the first of the 19th century and it remains the bigger and the most impressive fiesta in Greece.

Xanthi, Rethimno Mosxato, Naousa and Thiva are some of the places in Greece, where people prefer to visit in order to enjoy the Carnival.

The Carnival in Lefkada!

Lefkadas Carnival

But what about Lefkada? The locals invite you to come and enjoy the Carnival in the island of culture and fantasia! You can choose a hotel apartment or a studio to stay in the centre of the town. Even more, there are many villas out of the town which can accomodate you.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
Lefkada town

The “Tsiknopempti”

On “Tsiknopempti”(the Thursday before the first Canival Sunday), the locals barbeque greek souvlaki, pork sausages and pitta bread outside their houses or stores. Everybody can taste the delicious roast.

The Big Carnival Parade

Just after Christmas, Lefkadians begin to organize the teams, the costumes, the masks and the parade floats for the Big Carnival Parade.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
carnival float
The costumes

Some of them mend their costumes by themeselves, but the most of them and specifically the ones who will participate to the big carnival parade, delagrade to a sempstress to do it. Moreover, a lot of technicals work to create the Big Parade Float.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
The parade

Carnival masks, hats and colorfull rick-racks adorne Lefkada town. Music plays all day, making people happy and smiley.

The Carnival in Lefkada!
clowns parade!
The fireworks

At the end of this fiesta, people vote for the best and most impressive carnival float and the winners get the cup! The sky now is full of fireworks!

The Carnival in Lefkada!
The fireworks!

The celebration ends by burning the Big Float! The meaning of the fire is to disappear the bud spirits.

The Clean Monday

In conclusion, Clean Monday people go and fly a kite near the seaside or up to the mountains. The sky is colorfull and all full of happiness!

The Carnival in Lefkada!
sky is full of kites