Lefkada’s unique sunsets in Athani

Lefkada's unique sunsets in Athani
Athani Lefkada

Lefkada is famous for its glorious sunsets. And the best sunsets I have ever seen were in Athani! A small village situated 36 kilometres to the south eastern coast of Lefkas. It hosts few residents in the winter but plenty of tourists during the summer. It combines sea view and mountain hiking as it is located at 360 meter altitude. One village in very good location as it has very good dry climate. At the level of the sea there are the three most beautiful Lefkada’s beaches.

Beautiful natural beaches

First, you can visit Porto katsiki with its clear-blue crystal waters and white pebbles in a magical scenery .The outstanding sunset is diving in the vast of the blue sea. Serenity and positive energy surrounds you! Our next station is Egremni beach. A 2 kiliometer length beach with clear-waters (temporarly, only accessed by boat). It gives you the impression that you are in exotic place. Last but not least, the endless beautiful Gialos beach, which is an unknown beach for the majority of tourists. Wild beauty and exciting sunsets. It is equally competitive to the other two.

What can i find

There are some organized boat day trips, from vassiliki or Nidri, to all three beaches. It is beautiful to admire the place from the water. You can also find organized parking and canteens to buy water or snacks to eat in Porto Katsiki and Gialos beach!

Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki

Tourism in Athani has been developing for the last ten years. There are plenty of villas and apartments to accommodate the visitors. All of them offer a splendid sea and beautiful sunset views. There are a lots of traditional restaurants which they offer variety of local appetizers and delicious dishes. Most of them, in order to prepare the meals, use their own products like olive oil, wine, tsipouro and an excellent thyme honey.

The history

Cape Lefkatas
Cape Lefkatas

Archeologists have discovered ancient ruins near St. Kiriaki’s church, something that testifies the existence of residents thousands of years ago! There is also St Nikolas monastery 15 kiliometers outside Athani village, in Nira. To the southest point of the island we meet Cape Lefkada where Temple of Apollo lies on the top!
Its no suprise that this enchanting village is one of travelers’ favourite place to visit! Don’t miss it !