Live on a Greek island!

Have you ever dream of living or investing on a Greek island? Wondering what is like living in Greece? Why the Greek islands and Lefkada is the best living and vacationing destination? Find out below.

Come live and invest in a Greek island!!!
Lefkada Town

So you want to live on a Greek island!!

Who wouldn’t? In most cases, you can reach an island by ferry but in some islands you can even go only with your car, like Lefkada. Suddenly you feel like at home, in a place that is magical, where the sun shines every day and the sea is a colour you have only seen on jewellery. Sunny joyful mornings spent by the sea, gazing the little diamond reflections of the sun upon the sea horizon. Memorable serene nights spent at restaurants where all the tables are outdoors, overlooking the sea and the conversations flow like water. Certainly if there is a paradise on earth, is where the Greek islands are!!! And if you could give up a life spent in a chaotic city and its every day fast pacing rhythms to come and live here, this, for many would be translated into happiness.

Ionian Islands and Lefkada!


Milos Beach
Milos Beach

The mild climate, the deep and cool sea waters with the crystal clear turquoise color, the mountains, the lash vegetation, the easy access, the cultural heritage and the cheerfulness of the inhabitants make Ionian Islands and Lefkada in specific, the ideal place for a relaxing holiday and the best destination to live or invest to.


Come live and invest in a Greek island!!!

Living on the Greek islands has it’s numerous advantages:


Lefkada island: The gem of the Ionian Islands!

Come live and invest in a Greek island!!!
Ai Giannis Beach from above!

Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea,on the west part of Greece,connected to the mainland by a long causeway and floating bridge, that makes it easily accessible only by a car.

Sandy beaches with turquoise crystal clear waters. Majestic rocky white cliffs with lush vegetation. These natural beauties compose the amazing landscape of this mountainous and verdant island.

MIkros Gialos Beach in Poros
MIkros Gialos Beach in Poros

In recent years,the island has become a major touristic destination and is featured in most brochures. Lefkada is an astonishingly beautiful and interesting island with quiet picturesque villages and wonderful beaches around the island.

Lefkada is also a well-known sailing destination. Fistly, the calm and safe sea waters. Secondly, the beautiful nearby islands that is easy to sail on. And finally, the new marina of Lefkada town, has made Lefkada attractive to sailors.

Lefkada offers everything you need to live here throughout the year. The island is much quieter during the winter but really vibrant during the summer season. It looks beautiful during all four seasons and has a charm, which other Greek islands can only dream of.

So, if you are looking for the ideal place to live year-round or invest to, choose Lefkada.