The best Summer Vacation Packing List!

Summer is coming and you are ready to go on vacation! This summer you chose one of the best travel destinations, Lefkada, one of the best Greek Islands.

You have booked your hotel, studio or luxury villa and now the only thing missing is to create your summer packing check list.

Summer Packing List for a Greek Summer Vacation

You need a check list in order not to forget something important on a well-planned vacation. Sure it might be fun to spend the first day shopping for a bathing suit or a pair of sandals you forgot, but your day would be much better spent relaxing poolside with a good book or a soft drink.

You think it’s easy, but this is not always the case especially if you have kids or traveling to Greece for the first time.

There are things to get and there are things to leave out. This is a helpful summer vacation packing checklist so that you’ll take what’s needed apart from bathing suits.


Summer holiday packing checklist

The best summer vacation packing list!


  • Clothing for the whole family – keep it light, it’s hot in Greece in the summer. Although take one light jacket for everyone, for potential cool summer nights.
  • If you have a new-born baby or a toddler, do not forget to take with you some toys. By all means, do not forget their comfort items like teddy bears or small soothing blankets. You do not want your perfectly organised and relaxing vacation to be turned into a nightmare!
  • Bathing suits (obviously).
  • Sunglasses, hats, sunscreens are essential during your vacation. When in Greece you MUST wear a sunscreen, even on a cloudy day at the beach! TIP: If you have kids, you may find it easier to buy a sun protective baby swimsuit or a sun protective kids blouse.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of beaches in Greece are still virgin and not organised. So, it would be very useful to have a small portable fridge/freezer with you where you can keep your water, refreshments and light meal.
  • Fun Inflatable Pool Floats are also a must during summer and everybody is enjoying it, grown ups and children.
  • Get an extra pair of shoes for each family member, just in case. Don’t forget flip-flops for the beach.The best summer vacation Packing list
  • Medication, painkillers, etc. – prepare a first aid kit. It might come handy.
  • Buy a cream for mosquito bites and bee or wasps stings, especially if you are going in a villa or house into the nature.
  • Documents & money – whether you are flying in or driving in a Greek island like Lefkada, you need to have your personal documents with you and cash. Although cards are accepted in most parts of the world and Greece, some places are not still equipped with credit card machines. So cash is a MUST when you are in Greece, especially in villages and small towns.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and basic hygiene stuff.
  • High-tech devices are necessary nowadays. So, do not forget your smartphones, laptop, tablet,  game console.
  • A camera or a smartphone to take lots of pictures.
  • A portable hard drive to store your pictures and empty the available space of your memory card.
  • Your phone’s charger and an adapter; you will need one especially if you are coming from USA, England or Australia.

Prioritise your needs

You’ll survive without a beach towel, but it might be difficult without the prescribed medicine or sunglasses. So, prioritise your needs. Take the essentials and leave behind things that will be a burden. Most things we have suggested can be also found in your summer destination.

The best summer vacation packing list for a Greek summer vacation


Summarising, pack the things you really need, double-check before you close the luggage, you do not need too many clothes for a Greek summer holiday. So, start with a good mood and leave some room for new stuff you might want to buy, like souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones back home.