Vasiliki location

The harbour of Vasiliki Lefkada
The Harbour of Vasiliki Lefkada

Vasiliki is a small harbor about 35 kilometers south of Lefkada Town. It is a picturesque village where you can find shops, minimarket and tavernas. It is located in a natural bay suitable for water sports such as widsurf, kitesurf, sup and sailing. A green plain with trees and a lush vegetation surrounds the bay where  you will find a sandy beach and clear waters. The second biggest tourist resort of Lefkas island, Vasiliki is suitable for family holidays and sailing sports lovers. To find accommodation here is not difficult and travellers have many choices from studio and apartments, to hotels, villas and camping.

Beaches in Vasiliki area

The main beach of Vasiliki is Ponti. It is located in an enclosed bay, on the right side of the village. Here the sea is quite shallow. Usually, in the morning, the sea is like a swimming pool and a light breeze is cooling the bay. Later after mid-day, the area is cooled by thermal winds. That is why this place is ideal for those  who want to learn and enjoy sailings activities. The bay has enough space both for beginner surfers who wish to improve their, tecnique but also for professional surfers. The latter can practice new tricks and difficult maneuvers.

Agiofili beach Lefkada
Agiofili Lefkada

Agiofili is another beautiful beach of Lefkada Island. The place is definitely worth visiting during your holidays. Located in a picturesque bay on the eastern side of the island. You will be excited from the scenery. Rocks surround the coast and white pebbles cover the beach. Also crystal clear waters will enchant you. Your access to the beach is possible by two ways. The first and easiest way is by boat from the port of  Vasiliki on a pleasant trip of about ten minutes. There are frequent departure during summer. You can also access the beach by car, just remember that the road becomes a dirt road and stops at about 0.5 kilometer away from the beach, so you have to walk on.


Vassiliki in Lefkada is the most suitable place to learn wind-surfing and other sailing sports. The existence of many surfing and sailing schools and specialized equipment stores makes things easier, for those who want to develop their skills in these water sports. During the day at Vasiliki harbor, you will find boats as well as several boats and excursion boats visiting the nearby beaches. The plain of Vasiliki is ideal for an idyllic walk, whether on foot or by bicycle even by riding a horse.

Ponti beach Vasiliki Lefkada
Ponti Vasiliki

What you will find

In the village of Vasiliki, there are many options for accommodation, such as rooms to let, appartments or hotels. If you want a wonderful private holiday, you will find very beautiful newly built villas in the surrounding area. There are many restaurants, cafes with ice creams and sweets as well as several bars. You can also take your ride in the center and buy beautiful souvenirs, summer clothes, marine equipment as well as many fine traditional shops. For your first supplies on arrival, there are supermarkets, mini-markets, bakeries and everything else that you may need for your holidays.

Vasiliki is definetely worth a visit!