Lefkada island is a tourism destination you need to have on your holiday schedule. That means that souvenirs from Lefkada island, will be in your luggage when you go back at home.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
bowls as souvenirs from Lefkada

Usually, each year we choose a different place for our holidays. That means, that we get back with us, specific place ‘s souvenirs and gifts, which represent the place and the memories from our staying there.

Let’s have a look to the best ideas for souvenirs from Lefkada!

Magnet souvenirs from Lefkada

The most choosen souvenirs are magnets. There is a huge variety of them and we can buy them at a low price.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
magnet souvenirs

Wooden souvenirs from Lefkada

Wood costructions at the shape of Lefkada would be a fantastic item for souvenir. It is a souvenir you can display in any space of your house and at once you decorate it.

Also, you can make your own olive wood gift as you wish. It could be a wall keyring.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
wall keyring souvenir

Even a wooden heart, in two pieces, intented your initials, would be the keychain to share with your couple.

Porcelain and ceramics

Cups, bowls, glasses and plates written “Lefkada” will serve your drinks and meals, while your feelings will “smile” to your mood.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
egremnoi cup souvenir


On the other hand, you can buy a t-shirt or any other clothing accessory, like a special handbag or a beaytiful hat. You can also type on it, your best photo of your holidays in Lefkada, and automatically Lefkada will be your “now” again.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
T-shirts souvenirs


What about books? Of course we love books. Lefkada island is a historical place with full of culture. You can choose between a large assortment of historical books, poetry books or even a photo album of the island.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
a book as a souvenir

Aristotelis Valaoritis, is one of the most important poets in the lefkadian history.

Paintings and crewels

Of course, a handmade crewel from Karya or a beautiful painting of Lefkada island are also nice ideas to get back with you at home.

Souvenirs from Lefkada

Agiofili oil painting

Handmade ships

Furthermore, as soon as Lefkada is an island, a handmade sailling ship is a souvenir that you can buy for you or offer it as a gift.

Souvenirs from Lefkada
handmade ship as a souvenir

Local products

For the end, you can choose traditional local products or local wine and liqueurs to join with your souvenirs or just choose and offer them to your friends.

Traditional oil pie, honey, madolato and pasteli are some of the most familiarly deserts. Equally, soumada, rozoli and local wine can fill in your gift list and can join local tastes as local handmade salami and sausages.

In conclusion, whatever you choose as a souvenir or a gift from Lefkada for your favourites, it will be a great choice!