September is the best month for holidays. For the ones who have not been on holidays yet or for the others who wants to continue their vacations, Lefkada is the best destination.

Lefkada in September
Lefkada island

Covid-19 as a brain…

Through covid-19 period, there are a lot of people who have not been on holiday until the end of August.

One of the reasons is that they are afraid of been infected by covid-19, such as all the tourism destinations are full of tourists.

The chance to be sick is lower in Autumn such as there are not so many tourists.

Quality on your holidays

Also, on the pick of the season, the chance to get the best holiday experience is too low. July and August are the most chosen months for holidays because of the high temperature. Furthermore, most companies and factories are closed, so all the staff is on leave.

Lefkada in September

Restaurants, cafe bars and everyday rooms are totally crowded at any time of the day. You need double-time to approach every showplace. Parking at this period is a problem too.

In September all these problems disappear. So, catch the chance to be on holiday now, while September is loading…….

Lefkada…Your next destination

Lefkada in September
Lefkada paradise

Lefkada is a must-destination in 2021. You can approach the island by road and you have the opportunity to leave whenever you need. The beauties of the island are incredible and the sea is totally fantastic.

September holidays. What you could win?

Every day you can choose another fantastic beach to relax, such as Egremni, Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Gialos. It is about to mention that Egremni blue flag beach is one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in the world.

Lefkada in September

The unique sunsets will join you at every close of the day. Every beach seems to be private for you as long as the tourism period is at the end and the endless blue is here only for your eyes now.

Another advantage for you in September Holidays is that you can choose between a large variety of villas at the lowest price of the season. So, book now through!

Lefkada in September
villa in Lefkada

Villas are the most chosen accommodation such as offers your luxury stay and of course private swimming pool only for you.

In parallel, you can book a daily private cruise with a luxury yacht at a very good price.

Lefkada in September
cruise time

An itinerary around Princes islands will offer you a fantastic experience. During the cruise, you will have the opportunity to swim to crystal water virgin beaches and visit Meganisi island for a nice meal.


Alternately you can visit the north villages of Lefkada. Karya and Eglouvi are very beautiful traditional villages where you can taste delicious traditional mezedes like lamp chops and frigadeli.

Lefkada in September
lamp chops

Moreover, traditional pies with cheese, eggs, and greens are very tasteful.

On the other hand, Nikiana, Lygia, Perigiali, and cosmopolitan Nydri are the places that you can taste fresh fish food in any variation.

Lefkada in September

Lefkada island in September is a prime choice for your holidays, full of different beautiful sceneries and skills to choose from.

Lefkada in September