Nightlife in Lefkada !!

As the sun goes down the nightlife on Lefkada Island begins in the various towns. Lefkada is an island that combines everything in a unique way. You can find a variety of different restaurants and bars that can cover any preference. Warm up in coffee shops , go to a quiet restaurant for a delicious dinner or dance in nightclubs till the morning.

Night Life in Lefkada !!

The island offers you a wide variety of bars and nightclubs that provide a mix of different styles of music such as: house, rock, pop and of course authentic Greek music by DJ’s. Alcohol, young men and women and dancers from 22:00 to 6:00. And the most popular tourist attractions on the island of NidriVasiliki and main town. As well as local taverns offering meals combined with authentic Greek music and traditional dances.

Lefkada bars are the perfect option for a night out with friends or your significant other, as they have a playful atmosphere and stay open until around 3 o’clock in the morning. Then you can either join an After Club that stays open till 8.30 a.m. or go back and relax in your villa, apartment, etc.

Lefkada the capital:

Most bars are on the sea front, on your left as you drive towards the city past the bridge. Such as : Xartes , Karma and a lot more.

Night Life in Lefkada !!
Night Life in Lefkada !!
One of the famous clubs in Lefkada is “Capital” :

The club is located in the town of “Lefkada”. The party begins at about 23:00 and continues until early morning. It is full of people of different ages who enjoy, drink and dance until morning and the music covers almost every preference because it changes from rock to authentic Greek music.


Night Life in Lefkada !!
holding tropical cocktails with umbrellas, ice, fruit and straws against a blue sunny sky

Bars/Clubs are scattered along the main road, which is traffic-free from late afternoon till early morning from May to September.

Nightclub “Sail in” has a dance floor that opens out to the beach and stays open until 6am. “Sail in” also serves up reasonably priced drinks in a glitzy and glamorous setting, for those who really like to let their hair down. Depending on the night, the dress code varies. Though flip flops and shorts might be accepted on occasion, it’s advisable to go for smart-casual attire.

Apart from parties in the small hours, enjoy a variety of beach parties and lunches, with alcohol, good sun and great music. What needs more than that?

Night Life in Lefkada !!
Night Life in Lefkada !!
Beach Bar -Nikiana

Cultural events  & Greek festival

The cultural aspect of Lefkada has been well maintained for hundred of years and bring the residents closer to the old customs. Around the year, religious festivals are celebrated in honor of the village’s patron saint. People celebrate that special day with dances and feasts. Also people from all over the world define Lefkada as their annual meeting to share their customs and traditions.

It must be noticed that a Greek Festival day is usually a religious celebration and often relates to a particular saint. This day is a hall festive day,starting from the morning and ending the evening with a great traditional feast.That type of celebration in Greece we call it “Panigiri” : don’t miss it .

Night Life in Lefkada !!