Lefkada Wedding DestinationThe day you were waiting has come. It’s time to create your dream wedding and you have decided with your loved one to organise it abroad.

You want only the perfect setting and you will not settle for less. Rather than going to your local church you want an exotic destination to exchange your vows. Crystal clear waters, endless blue sea and sandy beaches to complete the perfect picture you have in your mind.

Lefkada Wedding by the sea
Lefkada Wedding by the sea


Lefkada Wedding Destination

Sailing around Lefkada
Sailing around Lefkada

Lefkada is an amazing picturesque island that offers more than one magical locations to perform your wedding or ceremony. You can choose from a picturesque village to a sandy beach. You can make your wedding at a luxury villa or upon a sailing boat. Modern or Traditional. Romantic or Classical. Simple or extravagant.


Why Choose Lefkada?

Waterfalls in Lefkada

Lefkada offers a lot of magical locations that you can choose as a setting for your perfect wedding. Breathtaking ever green landscapes, crystal clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, A Venetian Castle , the waterfall and the picturesque old town with colourful houses, stunning sunsets and many more.



Make it SpecialWedding In Lefkada

All weddings are special, but a destination wedding can be a truly unique experience.

You can extend your wedding over several days, including activities such as beach barbecues, spa days, horse riding by the beach, sailing or diving trips. You can also incorporate traditions, foods, and music from the local area into the wedding ceremony and reception to make your wedding just a bit different.


How to organise it?

Lefkada: A Dreamy Wedding Destination!Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and fun times of your life. Maybe, you’ve been dreaming of this event for years. You want it to be perfect! But having to think of all the little details can be stressful.

A wise thing to do is to hire a wedding planner or find the right associates/ experts to help you organise it.

A destination wedding planner specialises in the area, is familiar with the legal requirements, has tried and tested the venues and he/she will source and negotiate reliable local suppliers. Maybe it is an extra investment to consider in your budget, but it well worth it; it will save you many hours of time and amount of stress! So get as much help as you can to put your mind at ease.


Find the Local Experts

Weding Creations
Wedding Creations

In case you decide to go solo, you have to find the local experts that will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

First, contact the local authorities to find what paperwork needs to be done and do as much as you can from home. Secondly, find a stylist or discover the best local shop of wedding dresses and wedding gifts. Then, you need to find the right pastry shop that will create the perfect wedding cake. Of course, you cannot forget the flower shop that will make all the decoration of the wedding. Finally and most important is to find the right photographer that will be able to capture those moments of happiness.

So do not waste any moment because there is a lot to be done.