Megali Petra beach

Megali Petra is a dreamy beach positioned on the western side of Lefkada island. Like all western beaches, Megali Petra don’t miss the attractiveness that this side of island has to offer. Unspoiled nature, incredible sea colors and wild rocks makes this beach a true paradise.

This hidden gem of Lefkada, is one the best secluded beaches of the island. The name of the beach, Megali Petra, actually means big stone. As the name says, here you will find parts of rocky formations scattered on the beach. A nature at its finest form, Megali Petra beach will captivate you!

Megali Petra beach,a true paradise!

How to reach Megali Petra

Beautiful Megali Petra beach is not so known amongst visitors, and it is often omitted due to its secluded position. Situated away from crowds and popular beaches, here you will find the privacy and seclusion that you need.

To reach Megali Petra, you will need to pass Kalamitsi village and after 10 minutes drive you will have a choice to turn for Kavalikefta and Megali Petra beach or to turn for beach Avali. The way to arrive to Megali Petra is to follow the road to Kavalikefta beach, as this two beaches continue one after another. Note that the road is narrow, and it can get busy as it is the only access to both beaches.

There are two ways to reach this beach, one way is to walk on the rocks from Kavalikefta beach. The other one, more easier, is to find the hidden path that is approx. 200m before Kavalikefta beach and its parking. The short and challenging path will lead you to discovery of a heavenly Megali Petra. As you follow the footpath down don’t miss the chance to stop for a moment and enjoy the view from above.

Megali Petra beach,a true paradise!

Secluded beach

Megali Petra is not organized beach, so it is a true pleasure for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts. Sometimes, you might find at the beginning of the beach few sunbeds with umbrellas, but it is entirely without facilities. So, don’t forget to bring umbrella, sun screen and also some snacks and drinks. The closest facility is the canteen in the nearby Kavalikefta beach.

This beautiful beach is with sand and thin pebble. Its long coast is perfect for relaxing walks, and explorations of rocks. The sea is deep here, and you can often enjoy looking at big waves crashing at the shore. Since it is a beach on the western side, you will adore the late afternoon hours and magical sunsets.

Megali Petra beach,a true paradise!

Surrounding area

The closest beach is Kavalikefta, which is actually an extension of Megali Petra. Kavalikefta is more organized, as it has a canteen and a large parking. So, you can visit one more beach with distinctive rocks and turquoise waters. If you like this wild landscape and secluded feature, you can continue exploration on western beaches going north. Heading towards Avali beach, you can discover two more consecutive beaches Gaidaros and Kalamitsi. Having seen them all you will have a full picture of breathless western beaches, that are often under the radar beaches.

Megali Petra beach,a true paradise!

To sum up, if you are looking for an unspoiled beach withouth crowds, head towards Megali Petra beach. This lesser known spot will ensure you have a quite and relaxing beach escape while enjoying natural beauty. Check our website Lefkada-Rentals and start planning your summer holiday in Lefkada now!