Bad and good luck, superstitions, jinx and charms for Greeks and Lefkadians

When you visit Lefkada you are bewildered by the natural beauty of the island. However, the true asset of the island is the hospitality of the welcoming locals. These locals were raised by mothers, fathers and grandparents with love and care, but also lucky charms and superstitious fears!

So many weird and sometimes funny ideas that no one or very few know how they started. Just went on, generation to generation.

Bad luck, jinx

Black cat crossing in front of you, from left to right. If this happens you need to spit 3 times and turn once around yourself. Same reaction has to occur, if you see a priest or hearse.

What to do or never do
Crossing under a ladder. Never pass under an open ladder, go around it or else…

Do not cut your nails on Thursdays or after dark… Any other day or hour will do!

If you brake a mirror… 7 years of bad luck!

If someone says something negative and you want to prevent it from happening, move! Apparently if you stay in your original position it is certain you will see it happen! If you forget to move, knock on wood!

If you buy flowers, make sure it is an even number, if you want to please the receiver. Otherwise you deliver bad luck and… good luck!What to do or never do

The scissors must never be left open, otherwise something bad will happen. Same applies for umbrellas indoors…



You probably know Friday 13, here the Tuesday and 13 is the worst!

What to do or never do

If you have to give a knife or a broum to someone, you have to leave it down and the other one to pick it up. In case you forget and give those items directly to their hands, you also give them your troubles. Hope you are not tempted to try…

What to do or never do

No shaking off the crumbs from the tablecloth after sundown. This I believe started on a lazy afternoon…

If you give a perfume as a gift, you have to get a coin.

Do not wish cheers, with water in the glass or coffee, as these will cause the opposite effect.

Finally avoid holding your head while you are eating… or you’ll get some angry looks from the locals.


 Good Luck and charms

What to do or never do

 If you find a four leaf clover or have with you garlic gloves, rabbit foot, horse pedal, bat bone, you got yourself the natural charms to get you through all challenges.

What to do or never do

When the final drops of a wine bottle empty in your glass, you will have a happy marriage. In terms of luck in marriage, if it rains on your wedding day, you are blessed with happiness.

If you spill the wine by mistake, don’t worry, as it brings you good fortune.


When you leave on a journey and wish to enjoy an easy drive, someone must through a glass of water behind you. Your trip will have the same flow as the water.


What to do or never do

If you have come to Greece already, you have seen the countless charms resembling a blue eye. It is meant to protect you from bad energy and mean people.


On the first day of the year, a pomegranate is broken on the doorstep of the house to bring luck throughout the year.

If you find a coin on the road, pick it up no matter the worth, as it will bring you more money.

On the other hand, if you reach Lefkada, you will feel genuinely blessed and happy to be here. We, Lefkada-Rentals team, will be here to offer you our smiles and positive energy as charms that will ensure you have lots of fun for extra happiness on your vacation!

Leave nothing to chance by choosing us,, as your hosts!