Fishing in Lefkada island

When you think of the crystal clean waters that surround Lefkada main island, you have to think of the lovely fish you can enjoy eating from these waters.

Even if you are not an experienced fisherman. Or have not yet tried the sport, you can surely find the perfect spots to indulge into this fresh idea. The Greek law allows you to join the fun. The only restriction is not to exceed the 2 kg catch per person fishing.

East Coast

Fishing in Lefkada island
Lygia beach – Area Paradise

In the shallow emerald waters of Lygia among the pebbly bottom of the sea, swim gilt-heads, blue fish, wrasses. And around the rocks you can find octopuses and urchins. This makes it ideal for angling as well as speargun.
A little further south on the east coast you find Desimi village. A beautiful place to enjoy a calm beach and catch scup or striped seabream with fishing rod.

West coast

Fishing in Lefkada island
Milos Beach

In the deep turquoise waters of the west, larger fishes are on the menu. Tuna, seabream and amberjack. Ideal fishing way would be boat fishing. There are cruises that combine the fun of yachting and fishing as well.

North coast

Fishing in Lefkada island
Santa Maura Castle – Amoglossa and Castle beach

At the entrance of the island, you can see the castle of Santa Maura. On the opposite coast the Amoglossa beach and a little further down the road Gyra beach. The scenery is amazing and the cod, cuttlefish and sole fish will be willing to follow you home. The squid will join the game too. You are going to enjoy a comfortable relaxation while waiting for the fish hook to carry out the task.

South coast

In Sivota bay, while you walk on the sea side you can see the saddled seabreams and garfishes. And in the next coves while you swim in the clean transparent waters, you see them even swim around you! Trolling fishing will give you a good lunch. With the correct equipment you can catch lovely lobsters for a homemade garlicy lobster pasta.
Further down to the South, is Vassiliki. You can find nice spots to fish with a fishing line for a nice catch of seabass and dusky grouper.

How do I organize the perfect fishing experience?

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So…Lets go fishing!!