Although Lefkada is known for the west coast’s famous beaches, the east coast has it’s own magic. Small villages on the coast line and small pebble coves are there to loure you. Driving from the entrance of the island on the northest point, and on the way to Nydri and Vasiliki, just a few kilometers to the south, you will meet the lovely fishing village of Lygia. Nice small picturusque port, provides safe mooring for fishing boats. You will enjoy there, the numerous taverns with fresh fish just caught by the locals. Great Greek cuisine and vegetables collected in small farms of the island. Drink your wine while gazing at the sea and let the summer breeze bring you an effortless happiness.

Saint Panteleimonas Church

Historically Lygia had always been a fishing village, but also produced sea salt. In the area of the salty marsh, you will find a beautiful small church on the pebble beach. Saint Panteleimonas Greek orthodox church is celebrating every 27th of July.

Lygia village and beaches

Lygia beach

Right beside the small port is a lovely beach of Lygia. The only beach in Lefkada that gives access to kinetically challenged visitors. The Eucalyptus trees offer their shadow generously during the hot days of the summer and the smooth entrance to the water will allow even small children to play on shore.

Lygia village and beaches

Lygia coast

From Lygia beach to the salt marshes and Saint Panteleimonas, the long coast of Lygia offer a wonderful walking path. There, wonderful restaurants and taverns are serving Greek meze and local treats.

Lygia village and beaches
Lygia village and beaches

Paradeisos Beach


Just before Episkopos, at the south edge of the village, you meet the Paradeisos (Paradise) Beach. Paradeisos is indeed paradise especially in the summer then you can enjoy the most rejuvenating summer breeze. The pebble beach is never crowded and will offer natural shadow from the mountain in the afternoon. Fun sports are also available there and is ideal for snorkeling and paddle-boarding.


Sunrise sea and sky

Lygia village and beaches


Every morning Lygia offers a different sunrise. The light comes behind the mountains of the main land and gives some days red, others pink, others orange color palettes in the water. If you choose to stay in one of the beautiful villas rented in the area, put the alarm clock on, make a coffee and rest on your terrace, balcony and enjoy. Otherwise visit the nearest beach and let the sun meet you in the water.

It is the time the fishermen, on their traditional boats collect the nets and the seagulls fly around to trick them for an easy meal.

As the time passes the water will change color and the winds will fight to prevail. The blue summer sky will turn even bluer and change even the cynical minds into poets. The sailing boats will add their white sails in the painting, as they cross the narrow passage on the way to the south. If you are lucky you will witness the dolphins passing by…

Lygia village and beaches

Lygia is an amazing choice for your accommodation as it offers the proximity to the main town, Lefkada and is only 10km from Nydri. A few steps from the sea and the green hills, with all types of businesses available in the village. Our team can help you find the most suitable accommodation in one of our numerous luxury villas. All you need is to travel!