Greece is ideal for all sorts of getaways! If you are one of the people that have the luck to work by distance, why stop your holiday? With the flexibility that Covid has brought in the work environments, you can easily head off to a new destination and work remotely from a holiday home…and Greece is the ideal destination for it!

Greece and Digital Nomads!
Lefkada island


Thanks to a legislation that has passed, digital nomads can take advantage of a 50% tax break for the first seven years. Of course , those are Greek taxes and you should consult with an accountants if you are subject to those! 

Even if you do not want to work on a stable basis away from home, Greece is also ideal for a short break! Low season and winter time offer amazing possibilities and deals to book villas or holiday homes in amazing prices! 

Booking a villa or a holiday home in Greece will for sure offer a different perspective, rejuvenate you and indulge you in a culture that you will never forget!


Greece and Digital Nomads!
Agiofili beach on the Ionian sea, Lefkada island, Greece

Picture this: “Sandy and pebbled beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters; lush vegetation; sunny weather; mild climate even in the winter ; welcoming people and many different places to discover from the sea way up to the mountains.”

Agios Nikitas beach
Agios Nikitas beach

Despite the beautiful scenery, other advantages are the strong currency of EURO!

Greece is a member of the EU and all citizens of EU can come freely without any restrictions. For people outside of the EU, there are traditional routes to obtain work permits or temporary stays.

Greece and Digital Nomads
Working remotely in Greece

In addition, in most major cities a 5G network is already working but the most usual especially in the islands, is that you have a good 4G network.



Greece and Digital Nomads!

If want to stay for your work vacation in an island , you need to choose wisely. Small Aegean islands that are great for vacations in the summertime , tend to be totally empty when the winter comes!  The ideal islands in this case are islands that have easy access (you can go by car) or not far from the mainland(maximum 2 hours overseas).

Greece and Digital Nomads!

One of these islands is Lefkada with a population of permanent residents of 25000 people. Lefkada is easily accessible by car as there is a floating bridge that connects the mainland with the island! This way, you never have to worry about the weather, in case you wish to leave or go for short escapes in the mainland of Epirus, when you think there is nothing new left to see.

Why your next destination should be the island of Lefkada?


Karia Lefkada
Karia Lefkada

This island combines the beauties of the mountain and the sea! The lush vegetation, amazing beaches, beautiful crystal clear waters, good weather and the cute city center that is influenced in style by the Italians, makes it an ideal getaway for all occassions!

Greece and Digital Nomads!

Find your dream home getaway in Lefkada and experience a new reality in paradise!