Motorbikes!The real passion!

 The motorbikes are the real passion for many people all over the world! Ride your favourite motorbike and come to explore the fantastic Greek nature!

Motorbikes explore Greek nature.

Stay safe on your motorbike seat

   Of course you have to be safe. So you need to equipe yourself with a well-fitting uniform and a crash helmet before your exciting experience.

Motorbikes explore Greek nature.
helmet is a must have

Choose your favourite motorbike


   Cruiser or touring motorbike probably are the most comfortable. Even more, standard or adventure motorbike could also be a good choise. Yamaha’s MT-09 is my favourite motorbike to experience this tour.


Motorbikes explore Greek nature.
Yamaha MT-09


Autumn is a good period for motorbikes

   Summer is nearly past and Autumn is a good season to escape. Especially,for the people who have not managed to go on holidays until now. The weather is really nice. Neither too hot, neither too cold.

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easy riding through the nature
Moto club
     Especially for the fancy of motorbikes, a trip by a motorsized bike will be an excellent choice!  You can participate in a team all over your town or even your country and organize this tour as you wish. The greek nature is waiting for you to explore it!


Motorbikes explore Greek nature.
vespa on the road
Greece is the dream

   Greece is the most attractive destination for this trip as the beauty of Greek nature is indescribable.

   Just imagine the feeling, while you will be riding your favourite motorbike through the verdant mountains. The scenery will be absolutely magical.

Motorbikes explore Greek nature.
motorbikes on a ride

   Moreover, you can also enjoy the view of the rivers, the lakes or the lagoons which make Greece’ s nature unique.

Lefkada is the destination

   In Lefkada, one of the most beautiful islands in Ionio pelagos sea, you will able to expirience unique rides.

Motorbikes explore Greek nature.
riding tour

   It is really fantastic that you can approch Lefkada island by road. Rent a villa or an apartment  on your terms from and enjoy your trip with mid-term relaxing. The morfology of the island is friendly to every liking. You can enjoy the curves of the route but of course you have to be careful.

Porto Katsiki

   Step on the gas and discover all the beauty of the wonderful beaches of the island. Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches in the world. The motorbike team will be excited exploring the greek nature and especially Lefkada’s paradise.

Cape Lefkada
Porto Katsiki

   At the end of this motorbike tour, you will be full of adrenaline and nice memories! And for sure, someday you will come back to the poet’s island! LEFKADA loves motorbikes!