When in Greece, a lot ask : “How much do I tip the waiter?”.

This is always a favourite topic of conversation and debate among friends, especially in a multicultural company.
Each has a different perspective on tipping etiquette. Someone might believe a 15% is the right amount to tip while someone else’s opinion is not to leave anything and so comes the natural question of most visitors : ”What’s the right thing to do in Greece?”.

If you ask the locals they may smile and tell you that no tipping is obligatory in Greece like in other foreign countries. Nevertheless, to tip is a form of acknowledgement of the waiters good work and service towards you. So, it is like an unwritten rule to leave something out of courtesy.

What are the accustomed ‘rules’ for Greece?

Leave your tip in a bartender
Leave your tip
  • It is accustomed to tip the porter /bellboy minimum €1 per bag.
  • Tip the housekeeper minimum €3 per day or leave a generous tip at the end of your stay, leaving the tip on the bedside table or bed.
  • Taxis do not expect a tip but if you feel like it, you can give something extra.
  • You can tip the concierge/receptionist a few Euros(minimum €5) if he/she provides excellent service during your stay.
  • Tipping for your coffeeIn restaurants and cafeterias, tipping is expected for good service, especially if you are a tourist.In cafeterias you can tip minimum from 0,50 cents to €1. Some restaurants in Greece will round up the bill, so you should check this before tipping. You can tip between a minimum 5% and 10% or you can round up the bill. You should leave the tip on the table, give it to the waiter directly, or tell the waiter you don’t want change. In some restaurants, the owner does not allow their staff to keep the tips. You may want to ask if this is the case, because if they don’t, you are just paying more for your meal.

In addition keep in mind that the tip must always be in cash. If you are paying with credit card , you cannot add the tip to the total amount because the employee will not take the tip this way.

In the end, I think that tipping is a personal choice – but one that I always encourage having being a waitress myself in my college years. Especially for those waiters that know how to treat visitors, to provide good customer service, and make you feel like home!