ESPA EU Grants
EU Grants for new and existing enterprises in the tourist sector. A new subsidies program financed from the European Union has just been announced. The program concerns: 1) Subsidy of an existing tourism company for the construction of new buildings 2) Reinforcement of a new tourist enterprise for the construction of new buildings • The subsidy will be 50% for all costs: Building construction,...
10 Powerful Tricks To Get More Bookings In Mid and Low Season It’s one of the biggest headaches for property owners; getting bookings in mid and low seasons. If you are involved in the property business , these are some tricks that will help you to boost bookings. #1 Allow for shorter stays There’s no two ways about it; you have to be...
bed with cat
If your guest is unable to get a good night’s sleep in your property, there is nothing else you can do right enough to offset it. It doesn’t matter if the rest of your listing is immaculate. Your guests typically spend the day outside and the evenings sleeping in your unit. So your guests typically spend much time in...


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