If you’re looking for a unique experience, look no further than truffle hunting in the mountains of Lefkada. This is an opportunity to explore the beautiful forests of the region in search of the elusive and highly prized truffle.


Truffle, this rare “mushroom” with its strong aroma is a hidden treasure precisely because it is hard to find, it costs a lot and you can only find it in good restaurants. The mushroom truffle grows and ripens underground at a depth of 5 to 20cm. These mushrooms grow in several pieces side by side, forming a nest. It is even said that it takes care to hide itself quite well precisely because the truffle itself knows how valuable it is.

In Greece, truffle thrives in places where there are, among other things, oaks, bushes, lindens, beeches and when this flora is in alkaline and not acidic soil. They are at a depth of 8 to 15cm and coexist with the roots of trees or shrubs.

Experience the Thrill of Truffle Hunting in Lefkada's Mountainous Forests

Truffle is a hidden treasure that is highly valued in the world of gourmet cuisine due to its scarcity, unique flavor, and difficulty in cultivation. While it may be a rare and expensive ingredient, truffles continue to captivate food enthusiasts worldwide with their distinct aroma and rich taste. Chefs have developed numerous recipes that highlight the unique flavor and aroma of truffles, including pasta, risotto, and even chocolate truffles. Some varieties of truffles can only be found in specific regions, such as the black truffle from Perigord, France, or the white truffle from Alba, Italy. These truffles have a limited growing season, further adding to their exclusivity.

With the help of a professional hunter/trainer and specially trained truffle dog, you’ll have the chance to discover these hidden treasures for yourself. During the hunt, you’ll learn all about truffles and their habitats, as well as the techniques used to locate them. With each successful find, you’ll feel a sense of excitement and satisfaction that only comes from uncovering something truly special.

Experience the Thrill of Truffle Hunting in Lefkada's Mountainous Forests

After the hunt, you’ll head to the Pueblo Roastery house in Karia, where you’ll have the chance to taste your freshly collected truffles in a range of unique and delicious dishes. These will be expertly paired with local wines that have been selected to complement the delicate and complex flavors of the truffles.

Experience the Thrill of Truffle Hunting in Lefkada's Mountainous Forests

In addition to the food and wine, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste a range of local wines from wineries in the mountainous Lefkada region. This will give you a chance to compare and contrast different varieties, and to share your experiences and opinions with others in the group.

The tour starts at 10.00am and lasts for around 2hours, covering a maximum distance of 3kilometers.
Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoors enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure, truffle hunting in Lefkada is an opportunity not to be missed.

With stunning natural surroundings, delicious food and wine, and expert guidance every step of the way, this is an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Lefkada-Rentals.com team today to book your truffle hunting adventure !


Author: @melaniesanoudi