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Relax time

Summer is already here!

Summer is already here and Lefkada island is ready to welcome its summer visitors! 

It is no coincidence that a large part of the guests the last year have chosen a villa for their stay on the island because of the improved amenities and their privacy. 

On Lefkada island, there are plenty of luxury villas choices to book and plan the best holidays of your life!

Book a villa in Lefkada
Amazing town view

Choose your villa is the most popular portal in Lefkada with the biggest variety of beautiful villas always at the best price for you.

You can choose between luxury, comfort, or premium villas, depending on your personal needs.

Book a villa in Lefkada
Incredible sunsets

The swimming pool is one of the most important amenities that the majority of the villas will offer you, so you can absolutely enjoy it.

Choose the pool of your dreams

Just check if it is infinity or not, its depth and length of it, so to be totally safe and comfortable for your needs.

You and your loved ones will relax in a sea-view or a seaside villa, while you will adore the incredible sunset on the west side of the island.

The pool combined with the beautiful outside area, full of flowers and trees, the villas will provide you nice relaxing moments.

Book a villa in Lefkada
Spacious swimming pool

And why not plan a barbeque night next to the pool, using this extra amenity that each villa provides to you.

Cinema rooms & sports areas

If you enjoy watching movies, there are villas available with a cinema area.

Furthermore, you can find a villa with athletic areas, where everyone will be able to enjoy his favorite sports like tennis, basketball, ping-pong etc…

A private chef just for you

You can also arrange for a private chef to come to the villa and cook for you special dishes with tastes you love.

Book a villa in LefkadaHire a private chef

Arrange a daily cruise

You can even arrange a daily cruise with or without a skipper if you have a license, where you will discover the most popular beaches on the island or even the Ionian sea.

Private cruise with a sailing boat
Enjoy a cruise

Massage time

Maybe, at the close of the day, a massage will be the best relaxing gift for you and your partner.

Just plan the best time to enjoy it and make it happen!

Book a villa in Lefkada
Massage time

At last but not least, privacy is the most important advantage that a villa can provide you. 

Just choose the ideal one for you and make your dream holiday come true in Lefkada!

Book a villa in Lefkada
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