Seatrac access to the sea for people with disabilities

Seatrac access to the sea for people with disabilities

A physical disability should not prevent anyone from enjoying a Greek holiday.

Everything is changing in Greece. Nowadays, Lefkada is taking active part on that change and addresses to the needs of people with disabilities.

In Lefkada, many things have been done in recent years to allow people with mobility problems to enjoy their holidays and the beauties of the island. One of those things is the placement of a special mobility ramp in a popular beach.

This way people with disabilities can have easy sea access. This is the well-known Seatrac, the way that people with mobility problems or in wheelchairs can enjoy the sea.

Seatrac to help disabled people into the sea and back out

The first seatrac in Lefkada is a fact and you will find it on the beach of Lygia.

People with mobility disabilities or limited mobility can enjoy the summer and swim safely in the beach of Lygia.

Lefkada Regional Authority has placed the seatrac, which is a mechanism of fixed track rails. It has a specially designed seat that can move in and out of the water. Consequently enabling all our citizens to have safe and independent access to the sea in summer.

Accessible Travel in Greece

Seatrac access to the sea for people with disabilities
seatrac Ligia

Some years ago, one could say that Greece was not designed for “people with disabilities”… Not anymore!

Now, people with disabilities will be able to visit Greece with confidence.

The travel industry and government of Greece sensitised on this matter and included to their budget the construction of amenities for disabled people.

In addition, the Greek travel, tourism and hospitality industries are training to become more accessible to individual and group travelers with disabilities. They work hard to create a barrier-free environment in all sections in Greece for Accessible Travel & Hospitality.

As far as social entreprises go, Seatrac plays a dual role. Not only does the mechanism make a tangible improvement to the lives of people with mobility challenges, it is also reliant on renewable energy. It charges from a solar panel and uses rails on which a specially-designed seat moves from the beach to the sea and back, by simply pushing a button on a control panel.