If you’re looking for a beautiful destination to take your holiday while still being mindful and aware of money constraints, Lefkada island is the ideal place. Nestled in the Ionian sea, this Greek gem provides stunning views of luscious mountains, tranquil crystal-clear waters and sensational beaches.

There are many ways to enjoy summer vacation that won’t cost you a fortune. Check out some tips to save money while in Lefkada on any type of budget.

Here are some tips to travel and take pleasure in luxury habits, with a small budget of money!

1. Book early

Many summer offers and big discounts, that you can find on travel sites, are for early bookings. If you have the benefit of programming, be provident! Make sure that you will choose wisely the dates so you can book your vacation, at least, six months earlier. Contact the Lefkada-Rentals experts, in advance, to book your accommodation early. Let’s not forget that, as it is known, “the early bird catches the worm”.

Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!

  1. Choose the “off-season” dates

In Greece, the summer starts really early in May and ends in late October! Thankfully there is plenty of time to avoid the peak season and conditions this entails, like crowded beaches, traffic roads, etc. Most importantly, the prices of Villas are low, with big discounts and many offers that seem really attractive. If you prefer calmness, you should choose the “off-season” dates. Besides the low prices, you will be confronted with better service in restaurants, cleaner beaches and a lot of free parking spaces.

Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!

  1. Avoid Easter vacation dates

Considered to be the most important holiday on the Greek calendar and one of the richest in folklore, the celebration of Orthodox Easter is extraordinary throughout Greece. That is the reason, why many people want to be part of this celebration and visit Greece at this time of the year. Usually, Greek Easter is around April, because is a moveable feast that does not fall on a fixed date. Right after, the prices plummet and these are exactly the ideal dates, to take advantage of and book the vacation that you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Eat where locals eat

When you travel, usually you visit the most recommended restaurants from travel sites, which are set up around tourist areas and routes. The customers are almost all travelers, and you can see them having meals with cameras and bags.  The food is often over-priced, for example, you pay for the location or the view. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals what restaurants they prefer, because you will find out that most of them, are hidden gems that you couldn’t discover on your own, with perfect quality and reasonable prices. You can also cook in the fully equipped kitchens, of the Villas of Lefkada-Rentals, by getting fresh fish and seafood in general, for example, directly from local fisherman’s boats at very low prices. Also, the delicious “gyros souvlaki” is definitely a must when you visit Lefkada and the best value-for-money option.

Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!

  1. Choose a road trip to Lefkada

If we consider the total amount of airplane tickets for a whole family, or a big company of friends, and compare it with the cost of a road trip, we will find out that we can save money with the second one. Lefkada is the ideal island to do this! The biggest advantage of Lefkada is the incredibly easy access by car! The island is located really close to the mainland. There is a connection by a floating bridge that helps the visitors to come and go anytime they want, without paying an extra ticket for a ferry. In this way, you can combine sightseeing in many beautiful spots on the way and visiting other cities on your way.

Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!Tips to save money on your vacation in Lefkada!

6. Discounts and low-cost plans to spend your day

Choose one or two activities a day instead of exploring the whole island in one go, haggle to get the best deals (the locals will always be happy to oblige) and look for discounts – such as discount days at archaeological sites and free Wi-Fi access! Lefkada has something for everyone; from long days of lazy beach relaxing, laid-back hikes among nature, or exciting nights out there are lots of options that won’t break the bank!

7. Doing research before reaching the island

By doing some research beforehand you can make the most of your day while staying on budget. Consider taking public transit instead of taxis to get around, and packing food so you don’t need to spend a lot in restaurants.

Lefkada is an ideal destination for saving money in so many ways! The island itself provides many activities suitable for any budget. So head over to Lefkada and enjoy the best vacation of your life always o a budget!