Get set for your Lefkada holiday

Lefkada is an enchanting island nestled in the Ionian Sea. Known for its crystalline turquoise waters and stunning beaches, it captivates people from around the globe. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Lefkada is a mesmerizing destination that leaves travelers with unforgettable memories of Greece’s enchanting allure. It hosts thousands of visitors during the summer.

Currency exchange in Lefkada island

Currency exchange in Lefkada island

Get your currency exchange ready

Preparing for your vacation involves several essential tasks and currency exchange is one of them if you are travelling to a foreign country. Converting your money into the local currency of your destination will ensure you have cash on hand for expenses like meals, transportation and other necessities that may not accept credit card. Greece’s official currency is the euro (€), making it convenient for travelers from other Eurozone countries to transact without the need for currency conversion. However, for tourists coming from non-euro countries, exchanging their home currency for euros is required.

Currency exchange in Lefkada islandCurrency exchange in Lefkada island

If you need to exchange currency in Lefkada you can do it as soon as you arrive at the PVK airport. If that option isn’t convenient for you, then you can go to Borsalino Travel which is located in Nydri.

Currency exchange in Lefkada island

Make sure you pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and good mood before your trip.

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