Greece has always been in everyones bucket list either for the famous Athens and Partnenon or for its amazing islands. This year, Greece is expected to be an even more popular choice, due to the Covid challeges of other Meditterranean countries. Recently, ranked one of the best and safe places to travel. It was also included in the famous list of Forbes magazine.

Greece has it all: 250 days of sunshine; numerous archeological sites and museums; a vibrant nightlife; exquisite cuisine and a great hospitality!



Travelling with covid

Travelling might seem out of limits right now, due to the pandemic and travel restrictions but things are starting to look up again with the new vaccine on the way. So, start preparing your next vacation.

More and more countries will open their borders and they will do it with respect to the new health and safety protocols. Travel has a new face. You will be able to enjoy the once over-crowded destinations and they will also be accessible in price. Or people will choose not so famous destinations and will try to find hidden gems! There is the tendency that guests will choose villas instead of hotels and to travel with cars instead of flights! Health and safety protocols will be followed by letter. Any business that gained the trust of their customers with their flexibility will be appreciated and prefered over others, that did not adjust.



Villa Vacation

Covid will not disappear magically from our lives this summer but vacation will be possible. That is why your next destination must be chosen wisely. You must choose a trusted company to book your vacation and flights. During Christmas you will be able to find many offers and especially in local based travel agencies or local websites.

Asterias Luxury Cave Villa

A villa or a holiday home is always a good choice as you can keep your privacy and avoid unnecessary contact with people you do not know. Check for amenities like:”staff wears protective equipement” , “social distancing”, “private pool”, “professionally cleaned”, etc.



Luxury Boat for Daily Cruises Lefkada
Luxury Boat for Daily Cruises Lefkada

Good preparation helps you enjoy your vacation to the maximum! Do not fear to explore new destinations and experience new things! Covid will not stop us from discovering new things and living our lives to the fullest! Everyone must adapt and the travel industry has done so, so as to offer you a great experience, with or without Covid.

So, start packing again because summer is just a breath away! Greece is waiting for you to explore and enjoy again the warm sand on your feet, the bright sun in your skin and a dive in its crystal clear waters!