Ferry that will connect the Ionian islands
The coastal connection of the Ionian islands For many years the guests of the Ionian islands could not move around from one island to another. If you were based in one island, you had to stay there with some exceptions of nearby islands, such as Lefkada to Kephalonia and vice versa. With the fast touritsic growth of the last few years,...

Access to Lefkada

Map of Lefkada island
The island of Lefkada (or Lefkas or Levkas) is connected to continental Greece by a free road bridge. In the summer, there are many seasonal flights to Lefkada, or to other airports in the neighborhood. Lefkada is in the middle of the Ionian Islands (Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos) By Plane Preveza airport (Aktio) to 18 km Preveza (PVK) airport Ioannina...
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