What is paragliding? A question with many answers. Some would say a rush, a thrill, a hobby,others a way to take you to places that only birds could go,a way to experience the absolute freedom. One thing is sure, once you put your mind to it and you finally decide to do it, then you want to experience it all over...
The Hall of Hammam, Lefkada
A place for recreation in Nidri Lefkada "The Hammam" a cosy place created for body and soul treatments. A place where you can shelter your body and soul, relax for a little while and recharge your batteries. Soon Hammam becomes a mesmerizing habit that you want to relish once more. Services The bath: Traditional Bath (self service): Enjoy your private bath with our...
Are you in for extreme sports? Kitesurfing in Lefkada is the new deal! A combination of windsurfing and wakeboard that will literally sweep you off your feet! Kitesurfing is considered to be the natural evolution of extreme wind-powered watersports. What makes it so exciting? The lightweight boards that give the freedom to each kitesurfer to explore their own moves, so as...


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